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Important Things Every New Homeowner MUST HAVE

Updated on March 2, 2016

Buying a first home can be one of the most freaking achievements. Even though all of the excitement and personal pride come with you as a new homeowner, it is sometimes a daunting task as well. For instance, who will be in charge of calling in case a pipe bursts? The luxury of calling a maintenance staff if something leaks or breaks is gone, and some certain tasks today are extremely fixable with the right tools, and a little Google power. Owing a home could be pretty rewarding once you’ve learn how to manage it all. Below are a few must-haves for every new homeowner.

  1. 1. House number

Curb appeal may not come with all new homes. And such exterior details as new paint or landscaping can be relatively pricey. However, several chic new house numbers will make your loved house look greater on the front entry, mailbox and get it easily noticed to neighborhood or someone visiting your location.

  1. 2. A basic toolkit

When moving into the new home, you might have to hang some pictures, put together some furniture or tighten some loose ends. You may also not want to be sitting at house without a wrench in case that your sink is leaking, or even without a Phillips screwdriver if nothing in the home could accept a flathead.

Handy tools seem to become a boring thing for your spending on, particularly when your budget is tight because of your down payment, moving costs, and closing costs. But if you decide to invest a few bucks in a decent kit, you will save your heartache of running out in the middle of night just to purchase pliers.

  1. 3. Cleaning supplies

To get a home clean, you may want to run a mop over every surface or a finger over every floor. It is a good idea that you should put together all grime fighters with an all-purpose cleaner, grout brush, microfiber cloths, bathroom cleaner, as well as several essential oils in the event of any room needing some airing out.

  1. 4. Flashlight

Make sure you have at least one or two flashlights. Not only do you need it for emergencies, but you also can want it ready for other projects like heading down into an attic, or some crawl spaces. You might get shocked at the number of crannies and dark nooks in a new home. An in this case, you inevitably have to venture into the basement for something.

You should keep one flashlight by your bedside table and one in your toolbox. For example, if the electricity goes out, you can avoid all the bruises and bumps when searching for the flashlight that you left in your garage. Therefore, keep it in someplace that can be easily found in the dark and ensure to have extra batteries for it.

  1. 5. Fire extinguisher

Your new house may not have one when you first move in. Hope that you will not need to use this one, however, it is advisable to have one in the kitchen just in case of emergency and for peace of mind. Some smaller and portable fire extinguishers might usually be not rechargeable, while a larger one could easily be in service for couple of years by your local fire department.

  1. 6. Ladders

It is totally true to say that a ladder is an extremely helpful household tool for your home. You can take advantage of it to clean your drain gutters or something else. If you are going to change a light bulb, do not stand on the wobbly kitchen stool but do yourself a favor.

A convertible ladder will save on your house space, and it height can be customized depending on different projects.

  1. 7. Garbage can

For some people, it can be easy to forget about the large garbage cans that you take to the street every couple of days, but you absolutely need one of these. Before you make a purchase, make sure you check with your location whether it has a city-issued can or any size restrictions.

  1. 8. Secret key

No matter how responsible you are, every new homeowner could be in the moment when they are carrying some bags into the house, and a sudden wind picks up, letting the front door shut, and then you are outside. It is therefore you will want to have a spare key and hide it somewhere outside the house. Get clever to ensure that it is well concealed.


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