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Improved and Enhanced Football Game: Madden NFL 12

Updated on September 8, 2011

Madden NFL 12

Madden NFL 12
Madden NFL 12
Madden NFL 12 release for PSP
Madden NFL 12 release for PSP
Madden NFL 12 release for Xbox
Madden NFL 12 release for Xbox

Back with a Bang Madden NFL 12

Guys go crazy when they watch a football match on T.V but they definitely go mad when they get to play it and experience the feel of the game themselves. Such one game which has a huge fan following is Madden NFL 12 which has succeeded in bringing the fans all the more closer to the NFL. Every one cannot go to stadium and watch their favorite team perform but with all 32 teams under your eyes and in your control, you would definitely not miss the chills of the stadium and apart you will not be only a spectacle but an active participant, a real player.

Madden NFL 12 is based on the National Football League which is published by EA Sports and developed by ESA Tiburon. As soon as Madden NFL 12 got released on 30 August 2011, the fans got eager to play with their favorite players in the league. The first thing which will absolutely strike in your mind is the smoothness of the game. The picture quality and seamless action will make you feel that you are actually watching the game. FIFA Soccer 12 another Electronic Arts production will be released on 17th September and is also as much anticipated.

With the all new collision system, one will be able to sense the power in his hands as the gamers will have full control on the players starting from tackling to blocking. Player’s momentum and more than 100 new tackle animations have been used to provide more real and impactful hits. For smarter and faster defense, Madden 12 uses over 100 defensive augmentations which make reactions to plays all the more appropriate and quicker. By selecting from more than 400 offensive and defensive plays that too from 75 different playbooks give you an opportunity to create your own playbook. Assimilate your custom playbook into a game proposal for use with the enhanced Game Flow system, which implements a reliable, situational game plan for you. With extra features like mascots and cheer leaders and over 500 dynamic broadcast cameras make the game look very real and accurate. With the help of a few ideal game gadgets (or companions as i prefer to call them) such as a Logitech Gaming Keyboard or a Saitek Keyboard, a Logitech gaming mouse or a Razer Deathadder or with a 10-mode Xbox game Controller you can have true fun playing Madden NFL 12.

Even though Madden 11 was not a very great success because of many reasons, people won’t be disappointed or dissatisfied with Madden NFL 12 because it has addressed all the issues which earlier series had and has been able to prove itself a true game.

Madden NFL 12 Football madness

Madden NFL 12 Football Madness
Madden NFL 12 Football Madness


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