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Improvised Self Defense Weapons: 2 strange but Effective Self Defense Tools

Updated on August 15, 2011

Improvised Weapons:

There are two types of improvised weapons.

1. Objects which you may already carry or wear on a daily basis


2. Objects which are slightly less common but may be found commonly in most homes or street scenario.

If you are interested in learning how to use everyday items as improvised weapons to protect yourself and your family my suggestion is to start out focusing on things you may carry every day.

You can learn to use these everyday items in devastating ways, train with them, and become so comfortable with them they become second nature to use.

The bonus is that none of these everyday kinds of objects are dangerous or illegal to carry.

The problem with improvised weapons like cork screws and ice picks is that you rarely carry one. Yes they have their time and place and I’ll get to that in another article, but in the case of ice picks or small pieces of pipe you wouldn’t want to carry one around with you because most people would consider them dangerous weapons.

To become a great self defense fighter you should know how to use or make as many weapons as possible.

But… to get the most bang for your buck I like to start out with the basics (stuff you have around 90% of the time).

Improvised Weapon 1: Change in Your Pocket

This surprises most people but change in your pocket can save your life.

If someone is approaching you in a threatening manner your first reaction should be to put one hand in your pocket (as long as he is still a couple feet away).

This allows him to let his guard down. You don’t look prepared to fight. He thinks “I’m going to get this guys money easily.”

Pull out the change and throw it right in his face. Don’t gently toss it either. Really throw it at him (but don’t wind up like a pitcher and let him know it is coming).

My favorite technique is to conceal the change in my hand and raise it up with my other hand when he steps closer in a “hey man I don’t want to fight kind of way”. You are already in a position to throw and he’ll never know it is coming

What does this do? It distracts him and makes him flinch ever so briefly.

It is your job to take advantage of that split second advantage to strike a devastating blow and get out quick.

This improvised weapon will not inflict any damage but it will give you an advantage which is the key to winning any fight.

Separate multiple attackers:

The other great way to use change in your pocket is to distract one or more attackers so you can deal with them individually and not together. 2 on 1 are not good odds for anyone, even a trained fighter.

What you need in any multiple attacker situation is a way to separate them. You know the whole divide and conquer cliché.

Usually multiple attackers are going to try to surround you (they are rarely going to approach shoulder to shoulder if they are really looking to fight). This means you can’t easily turn away from one guy and run.

So… you throw the change as I described above at attacker #1 and quickly and brutally strike attacker #2.

The object is to distract #1 long enough to get one good hard shot in on #2 without guy #1 being able to help or come at you from behind.

You then turn immediately to attacker #2 hit him with a quick eye gouge or kick to the groin or knee and escape from both of them.

Remember in a 2 on 1 scenario escape is your best bet. You can separate them once and get some good shots in but once the element of surprise is gone and they know you aren’t messing around they will close the distance and come at you together so just get out as soon as you can.

Okay this is starting to sound more like a spiel on multiple attackers and less like an article on improvised weapons so I’m going to give you one more weapon (this one is a little more exciting than throwing change).

Improvised Weapon 2: Belt and Buckle Flail

Most guys I know wear a belt most of the time, and unless you are reading this in your underwear (I’m not judging) you probably have one on right now.

You are literally wearing one of the most effective and easy to use weapons you can have.

Take off your belt and hold it by the end with the holes in it wrap it around your hand one time to get a good grip now swing it around in a figure 8 pattern in front of your body.

Simple as that. This becomes a devise to increase the distance between you and your opponent.

The key to making it work is to aim for the head and swing hard. As long as you are wearing a good heavy belt the buckle should have some nice weight to it (not bad criteria for buying belts from now on).

A good shot to the head with this belt flail will really make him question whether or not you are as good of a target as he thought.

As with the pocket change the best use of this weapon is to create some distance between you and your attacker and get away.

It also works well to separate 2 attackers, because fast moving metal objects tend to make people move back especially when they are on a direct path to their heads.

Separate two attackers and get away.

The nice thing about a leather belt as a weapon is that it can also be used as a choking and submission tool if you are cornered and can’t get away.

Go out and practice both of these tools. If you have a punching bag use a piece of paper for a head and practice throwing the change. It would be really foolish to miss your target because you never practiced.

You should also practice the belt flail. The best thing to do is to practice taking off your belt quickly. This is key. Then tape up the buckle so the pointy part doesn’t puncture your heavy bag and try swinging it at the punching bag. Get a feel for it.

Alright that’s it for this article. I’ve got plenty more improvised weapons in my bag of tricks but I’ve got to save them for another article.

For more tips and tricks to staying safe on the streets and some brutal moves to end any fight in 3-5 seconds check out my Brutal Fight Enders at

You should also check out my where I give out weekly tips and techniques and connect with self defense enthusiast like you.

Stay Smart and Stay Safe,

Bob Pierce



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