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Improvised Tackle Pack for Large Fishing Lures

Updated on May 11, 2013

When packing for a wilderness canoe and fishing expedition it is sometimes difficult to decide how much tackle to bring and how it should be packed. Everything for the trip must be carried in packs or by hand on portages, so weight is a consideration. When fishing for large fish such a Northern Pike, often large artificial lures with large hooks are preferred. The size of a tackle box to carry these would make packing and portaging difficult. The lures could be carried loose in your pack with hook guards but that may not work well, especially if you need dig them out to use.

I have a quick, improvised solution. Using large plastic 2-1/2 gallon water jugs, I cut out two L-shaped sections that will fit inside a zippered canvas pouch. These serve as a liner to keep the hooks from snagging into or poking through the canvas. Lures can be then stacked inside.

You could take time to make a better liner. It may be possible to form a box with an open top out of the milk jug plastic. The sides and bottom could be pop-riveted together.

This one of those quick, spur of the moment, McGuiver type of ideas, that worked on a previous wilderness fishing trip and has been used ever since without much modification. Although if I care too, I’m sure I could improve on its crude functionality.


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