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In Honor Of PBR (Pro Bull Riding) Finals In Las Vegas ~ Some Cowboy Wisdom

Updated on April 10, 2013
Cowboys out riding.. free as the wind
Cowboys out riding.. free as the wind | Source
Tall in the saddle...
Tall in the saddle...
A cowboy from the 1800's.
A cowboy from the 1800's. | Source
The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon
Cowboy roping and riding.
Cowboy roping and riding. | Source
Working cowboys...
Working cowboys... | Source
Ghost Town of Nelson, Nevada
Ghost Town of Nelson, Nevada
A  Paneola... another word for cowboy.
A Paneola... another word for cowboy.

This Weekend In Las Vegas...

I just know if we go downtown this weekend, there are going to be COWBOYS all over the place. And I'm not talking about the pretend cowboys, those who drive a sports car, have all that aftershave on, and perch a cowboy hat atop their head. And that includes those who wear the cowboy hat with a STRANG (translation ~ string) under their neck to hold it on their head.

Nope, I'm talking about REAL cowboys, Professional Bull Riders who have descended on the city of Las Vegas, as they do every year, for the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Championships. For a couple of weekends each year, the "Thomas and Mack" center here in Las Vegas is taken over by REAL cowboys and REAL bulls, and that ain't no bull. The PBR Championships are held here at the end of October, and the Rodeo comes to town in December.

The excitement of watching these guys at work is almost akin to ridin' a roller coaster, only they never know if they're gonna get thrown OFF of the coaster! Now if you've ever tried one of those "mechanical bulls" at some cutesie li'l beer joint, this is NOTHING compared to that! These guys are for REAL, and the danger inherent to bull riding is VERY real as well.

It's a fun and exciting thing to watch! And for us ladies... well, let's just say I've never SEEN so many huge... BELT BUCKLES... in my life, what in the world were YOU thinking? Just walking downtown, you see a sea of cowboy hats, and it's a bee- u- tiful sight, lemme tell ya!

So, in honor of the PBR Championships here in Las Vegas this weekend, I thought I'd share some of my favorite "cowboy wisdom." Some of these you might already know, some this might be the first time your eyes have had a gander at... so, pull up a seat and sit on the floor, the admission is free, so pay at the door ~ Enjoy!

  • The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over, and put it back in your pocket.
  • Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement
  • Always keep skunks, bankers and lawyers at a distance
  • Don't squat with your spurs on ~ Will Rogers
  • Forgive your enemies, it messes up their heads
  • Never corner something meaner than you
  • Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer
  • Always drink upstream from the herd ~ Will Rogers
  • Cowboys talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much ~ John Wayne
  • Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction
  • Never miss a good chance to shut up ~ Judge Roy Bean
  • There's two theories to arguin' with a woman... neither one works
  • When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on
  • There are three kinds of men: the ones that learn by reading, the few who learn from observation ~ the rest of 'em have to pee on the electric fence ~ Will Rogers
  • Watch how you live your life, live it to please God ~ it might be the only Bible some folks ever read ~ Dale Evans

All of these are excellent pieces of advice, but I have to say, I think Mr. Will Rogers just might have been the smartest one of all!

So, as I'm walking around this weekend, I'll be thinking of these illustrious words of cowboy wisdom, and enjoying the ... view.

In the famous words of Roy Rogers, "May the Good Lord Take A Likin' To Ya"...

The Last Goodbye's The Hardest One To Say... This Is When The Cowboy Rides Away ~


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    • KathyH profile image

      KathyH 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      You're very welcome, MsDora! I think cowboys are pretty wise guys (pun not intended, but I'll take it anyway!) Glad you liked the hub! :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      "The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over, and put it back in your pocket." Not sure if I heard this one before, but it's funny and true at the same time. Thanks for sharing all this cowboy wisdom.

    • KathyH profile image

      KathyH 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Thanks, dahoglund! :) We might go check it out this weekend, I think it'll be interesting! :) Glad you like the hub! :)

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      When I was a kid I went to rodeo's with my Dad.Somehow I've never done it since.I suspect they are more commercialized now. interesting hub.