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In The Fast Lane with Leather Gloves on Warm Hands!

Updated on August 30, 2011
Casey Stoner on the Repsol Honda
Casey Stoner on the Repsol Honda | Source

Warm hands, warm heart, warm bike

You have just bought yourself a brand new CBR1000. You think you're Casey Stoner. You jump on the bike and you want performance. You have style, because this ultimate streetbike is refined to perfection especially for you. Honda has always used racing to improve their superbikes and they have done exactly that just for you. You are in control.

You look down at your leather racing gloves as they envelop the business ends of the handlebars. You are wearing Padded Leather & Mesh Racing Gloves with Hard Knuckle Protectors. Your hands look like something out of "Transformers". Tight grip on the palm so you can feel the controls of your new superbike. Your gloves are padded at the fingertips for extra protection. As you screw the throttle open, you begin to feel the action move - fast!

You're on the highway with hands, fingers and feet co-ordinating together as you lean in and out of the curves.

By this time the tires are warm and you have accelerated into the learning curve. You've got the feel now. Good protection isn't cheap!

"Cane Toads Take Over!"
"Cane Toads Take Over!" | Source

Oh deer...!

A deer runs out in front of you. You grip the handlebars, lean out of its way and open the bike to peak revs. The impact of the deer as it knudged your fairing should have crushed your left fingers, but as you regain control you slow just enough to take a quick look over your shoulder and see that the deer has a worse case of road rash than you. You were going so fast, your fingers should have frostbite, but the purpose of the gloves was to keep out the draft! They are weatherproof and deerproof. Gloves designed specifically for motorcycle riding have slightly curved fingers that allow you to grip and handle the controls. You need it. Road hazards are different today. Bikers tell all sorts of tales with woodland creatures and collisions with low-flying wild turkeys or chipmunks! In Australia, the dreaded cane toad is taking over the roads!

Don't expect to climb into your '68 Stingray with these gloves and think they will do the same job, because your motorcycle gloves will be more beefed up than your slick driving gloves. Motorcycle gloves protect your hands. Even if you don't push the limits, every rider needs a good glove to protect your hands from those runaway deer!

Wear your gloves all the time and be ready when you take them off to touch the nicer things in life.


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