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6 Middleweight Contenders Better Than Chris Weidman

Updated on February 11, 2014

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Vitor Belfort

Decisive wins over Dan Henderson, Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping place Belfort on a three fight win streak. Not only did Belfort win these fights, he did so decisively in one-sided bouts. His only loses came from Jones and Silva who were both champions at the time, and he landed a nasty arm bar on Jones. TRT exemption or not, Belfort's aggressive style is going to be too much for Weidman. Expect a head kick knockout in the first round in their upcoming bout.

Lyoto Machida

Machida's title run was short lived, but with his recent drop to Middleweight he has proven a force to be reckoned with. Machida's easy win over a motivated and in-shape Munoz was impressive, but his wins over Rashad Evans, Ryan Bader and Dan Henderson prove he can beat top competition. Moreover, his fight with Phil Davis shows how he handled a bigger, stronger wrestler than Chris Weidman. 82% takedowns defended and almost no time spent on the mat means he trumps Weidman in more ways than one.

Jacare Souza

Souza is a world class Jiu-Jitsu specialist with an emerging stand-up game. In his next bout against Carmonte the UFC promoted the event by referring to him as a 'violent striker', with no mention of his ground game. Check out his fight against Okami where he showcased some real striking skills and nullified Okami's grinding style. A 5 fight win streak,19 overall wins and a dominant ground game, if Souza and Weidman were to fight tomorrow I'd put my money on Souza.

Yoel Romero

Romero's latest win over Derek Brunson was an amazing fight, but Romero maintained control and finished with a brutal knockout. As an Olympic wrestler and dynamic striker his future looks promising in the UFC. Most will argue with this one, but I for one would bet on Romero taking Weidman out, not to mention manhandling him on the ground.

Gegard Mousasi

Mousasi hasn't proven himself yet in the UFC, but notable fights include King Mo, Mark Hunt, Ronaldo Souza, Hector Lombard and a grappling match against Fedor Emelianenko. Notice many of these names are heavyweight fighters (Hunt and Emelianenko). As a middleweight fighter, Mousasi poses a threat for anyone in the division. Don't count him out of his next fight against Lyoto Machida, should be a good one. Against Weidman smart money is on Mousasi.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva may never be the same again after his injury and if they had a third match up I'd imagine Silva would be the underdog. Regardless of the odds, I'd bet on Silva taking the third fight. Luck only lasts so long, and as much as a 'perfectly checked kick' can be argued I'll only believe in his shin breaking technique if he breaks another shin during his career.


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    • profile image

      jdog 2 years ago

      That was terrible. It's june 28/2015 and Weidman has already beaten 3 of these contenders decisively. I have never commented on anything online, but you are the worst sports writer ever. I imagine you could do far more damage to your wallet with the betting sites however. So don't gamble on mma; you don't have the head for it.