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In a Rut? Get Out and Skydive!

Updated on March 30, 2010
Excellent views provide a fresh perspective
Excellent views provide a fresh perspective

Has your life become mundane? Are you really content? Do you wonder if there is something else out there? Are you afraid to step outside your comfort zone? Do you have the American dream (married, kids, house, nice car, lawnmower, basement to finish, etc.), yet desire more? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should try at least one skydive. Your life perspective is guaranteed to change.

Bucket List - these old dudes did a skydive - you have no excuse!

Cutaway - great movie with lots of skydiving

Cool tandem picture - the student is holding the photographer's hand
Cool tandem picture - the student is holding the photographer's hand


Is it dangerous? Yes. So is driving to work everyday! Skydiving has a bad reputation due to tons of negative publicity. The media makes it sound like people die in skydiving all the time. Don't get me wrong...people do die in skydiving, but the chances of dying are actually quite low, especially for tandem skydives. The media never reports on all the "successful skydives"!

A tandem skydive is where you are strapped to an instructor at four points. The instructor is behind you and the instructor wears the rig that contains the parachute and reserve (yes, the reserve is a backup, in case the main parachute doesn't open correctly). The instructor has complete control, so you just get to enjoy the ride. If you want, you can do more than relax - you can initiate turns, pull the rip cord, etc.  What qualifications does you tandem instructor have? These are the qualifications for a tandem instructor: been in the sport of skydiving for over 3 years, have 500 sport parachute jumps, and hold an FAA Class 3 medical certificate or higher.

What do I know?  I have about 300 skydives and started skydiving when I first was separated from my wife, about six years ago. Skydiving provided a healthy outlet and skydivers are great people to meet and hang out with. The skydiving community is a very welcoming community and consists of people from all walks of life - doctors, mechanics, students, housewives, etc. Each of these people are bonded by skydiving and the experience.

Stop procrastinating and sign up for a tandem jump. How? Simple. Call 1-800-SKYDIVE (will route you to your closest dropzone). A dropzone is a fancy term for the place you skydive - the zone in which skydivers get dropped from a plane (or helicopter, hot air balloon, etc.). You can also visit the website:

Excellent view!
Excellent view!

You can also check dropzone reviews and more information here:

Point Break - Classic Skydive Movie


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    • profile image

      Skydivers 7 years ago

      great... thanks for sharing this information.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      What!  Are you crazy? I'm not jumping out of a plane with you.  What if the shute doesn't open.  We'd be flying to the next life together, do you want that? I hope I die of a heart attack before my bones go splat on the ground.

      You can have my turn :D

    • GeneriqueMedia profile image

      GeneriqueMedia 8 years ago from Earth

      I've never gone skydiving. I hate rollercoasters...but hey, knock yourself out.

      But as they say...

      If at first you don't succeed, skydyving wasn't for you.

    • kea profile image

      kea 8 years ago

      @frogdropping - what if we got Kevin to take you to altitude?....that would be cool.

      @eagle - thanks for the comment. Fear is often your friend! Get out there and do a jump sometime!

      @cjcarter - why wait to your 50? Do it now! Where in Illinois you live? I know all the dropzones in Illinois and can recommend one - then, you'll have no excuse!

    • cjcarter profile image

      cjcarter 8 years ago

      Great information! I hope to do this on my 50th birthday. Maybe by then I will get up the courage to do it!

    • Eaglekiwi profile image

      Eaglekiwi 8 years ago from -Oceania

      Awesome video's! reminds me I once met this guy who had much the same attitude as you , feel the fear and do it anyway ,and guess what ? he had one leg ,he figured that was less limb to worry about,lol its not for everyone ,but I admire people who try something different to get their that blood pumpin! ,lifes for living huh good for you !

    • frogdropping profile image

      Andria 8 years ago

      Kea - something I'm never likely to do. I prefer my feet on terra firma. However ... was I less concerned about the space twixt myself and the ground I'd give it a go.

      I can imagine it's exhilerating.

      Unfortunately my imagination doesn't stop there ...