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Increase your vertical jump height

Updated on April 15, 2013


In just about any sport, being able to jump is essential. Basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, tennis, and more. So, if you're an athlete, you need to be able to jump! There are probably more that goes into jumping higher than you might think. Jumping is a full body endeavor; just about every muscle group will be used to propel yourself off of the ground.

Abs: This is surprising to most people, “why do I need to work out my abs to jump higher?” It’s simple; you need a strong core to jump. You don’t have to get fancy with the ab work out, just do light ab workouts 4-5 times a week.

Legs/glutes: This is probably the most obvious section of this article. Of course if you want to jump higher, you must have strong legs. Squats are a great way to gain inches to your vertical jump. Not only does squats workout your legs, but your glutes as well, so a great combo. Weighted lunges are another good way to strengthen your legs. Don’t forget the calves! This most simple way to work out your calves is to grab a fairly heavy weight in both hands, stand up straight, and go up on your tip toes.

Arms: Arms aren’t THAT important to your vertical leap, but, it can add about an inch or so. Think about it, you swing your arms so that you get the most momentum as possible, so they need to be strong. Basic curls and pushups will be plenty if your only goal is to jump higher, and not gain too much muscle mass.

Exercise Plan;

Sunday- Squats; 3 sets of no more than 10 repetitions, (Remember, don’t go too heavy on squats, if you do, you won’t gain any inches! You will just make your legs bulky.) Weighted lunges; get a moderately heavy weight in your hands, and lunge. 3x10 just like squats. Abs; 50 crunches, 50 leg lifts; 1 minute of planks.

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Same ab work out as Sunday. Add arms into the mix.

Wednesday- Legs; but, instead of weight training, today you’ll be running and actually jumping. It’s best to go to a track, and do some 100m sprints. After each one, jump up as high as you can 10 times. Walk 100m, and repeat.

Thursday- Off

Friday- Abs and Arms

Saturday- Off

It is important that you take the days off. Overtraining will put you back in your goals. Also, feel free to mix up the program any way you’d like; substitute different workouts, change the days, etc. Don’t forget to actually JUMP. The best way to add inches to your vertical is to jump, a lot! Find a basketball goal, and aim to grab the rim. If that’s too easy, aim for something higher!


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