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India Vs South Africa Test Series

Updated on January 5, 2011

Grame Smith Smashes the New Ball to Kick Start South Africa's Innings


The First Two days

What a cracking opening to the India-South Africa test cricket series!!! The first day was not only truncated by the Rain gods, but also by the devils in the Indian Team's mind. What is it with fast, short, accurate seam bowling that just makes the Indian cricketers jittery. The sight of Gambhir ducking for cover, trying to evade a Morkel bouncer just drove home the point that in cricket, a difference of 15 kmph (135-150) is enough to strike fear in the hearts of the Indian batsmen. !36 all out is shameful considering the senior cricketers went to South Africa well in time to acclimatise themselves. Full marks to South Africa for making use of their strengths and putting India on the backfoot right from the word go.
Seeing South Africa bat on the second day was a visual treat. The fantastic surroundings, the sun and the easy pace of the Indian bowlers means that they are looking at a score of 500+ to bat India out of the Match. I reckon, by the end of the second day, they shall score about 350+ runs and declare by Lunch/tea of the third day to leave India a target of about 400 runs.
Well, it seems like India just started the five match series on a losing note.!! For latest updates visit ESPN for the latest updates on how Amla and Kallis are sending India on a leather hunt. Keep tuned in for more updates. Check out my previous article on whether India shall win or South Africa

The Third Day

As expected South Africa scored 600+ for 4 and then declared..the score just brings out their masterful innings. How much worse can it get for India? Well, there was some fight back with Gambhir and Sehwag putting 150+ runs on the board...At the draw of stumps on the third day, India were 190/2, with Dravid and Ishant sharma at the crease. Lets hope that Indian Batsmen pull up their socks and make a match fo this. My take on this match is that it may be a draw at best for India or a certain loss because if India dont make another 450+ runs on the fourth day...our goose is cooked. It shall be a cake walk for South Africa. So whats the take, will India score more than 450 (Sachin , are you listening). We are all counting on you!!!

The fourth and Fifth Day

What a fantastic effort by India to come back and win this test..!!!! That just goes to show that the Indian team have the talent to perform in hostile conditions, but lack self belief..but this win should bolster their spirits for the third test. ..Waiting eagerly for it...hopefully Indian should win it..


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