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India Win Cricket World Cup 2011 Trophy

Updated on May 3, 2011
Sachin Tendulkar celebrates the moment along with daughter Sara and son Arjun
Sachin Tendulkar celebrates the moment along with daughter Sara and son Arjun

Sachin Tendulkar, the GOD of the Indian Cricket, is the man of record book holding almost all cricket record in his career. He is the man who participate the world cup cricket tournament in six times but unfortunately still world cup cricket 2011 he can’t become the member of world cup tournament winner team. The World Cup Cricket 2011 is the last one for Tendulkar and MS Dhoni’s, captain of India cricket, team brings the success for this greatest cricket player. Four hundred and fifty-three ODIS, 18,111 one-day runs taker Sachin Tendulkar finally has won a World Cup.

The job was not easy for MS Dhoni’s team. They have to defeat against most favorite South Africa, England, two-time world cup champions West Indies and new fighter in cricket world Bangladesh in its group matches. India won the quarter final beat four-time world cup champion Australia and has got final match ticket to beat everlasting competitor Pakistan in the semi-final match. The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai at April 2, 2011 was ready for celebrate world cup championship match. Gautam Gambhir’s wonderful bating and MS Dhoni’s masterful captain's innings in final steer to World Cup success. After 28 years India bring back world cup trophy in their home. Congratulates India to win the world cup cricket trophy. The overflow joy touch not only Indian people but also the whole Asia cause after 15 years world cup trophy return in Asia. It is time for cheer the moment.


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      Shalu 6 years ago

      Indian cricket team have great unique. Unity is strenth.