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India vs New Zealand cricket series- Will the Indian teams winning streak continue?

Updated on April 8, 2011

Winning or Losing - Its all in the Head !!!

In my previous article, Winning and the Indian cricket team, I had analysed the reason why the Indian cricket team is not consistent. The ongoing test series against New Zealand just goes to prove that fact all over again.

I mean, how can you explain the dismal performance of the Indian cricket team against New Zealand. Now, some may say that two draws in a test series are better than two losses, but how does a team like India, flush from a convincing test series victory against the Australian team, at home, not manage to defeat a team like New Zealand, who lost a series 4-0 against Bangladesh, a complete non entity in test cricket !!!!!! Virender sehwag makes a century, Harbhajan Singh scores two centuries!!!!! (btw his only two in test cricket), sachin Tendulkar fails to score his fiftieth test ton (he is forgiven all cant perform all the time), and what was the rest of the team doing all this time? Sunil gavaskar, at the of the series predicted that New Zealand would struggle to take 20 wickets in the match. What he didnt predict was that the so called famed Indian pace and spin attack would also fail to do the same. Who is to blame..? Well, some blame can go to the pitch, but the rest surely and squarely rests on the team.

What heart New Zealand have shown to keep the Indians not only at bay, but almost defeat them (if it were not for Bhajji, we would have been one down in the series). A peculiar fact about this series is that for both teams, the players who were not expected to do well have done so. So whats the take? Well here it it - the Indian team team shall most probably win the third test match and the series, but only it the pitch is condusive. Secondly, they wanted to remind the Indian viewers that "Dont take our winning for Granted", you will get bored. So, to keep interest in test cricket alive, we shall continue to perform inconsistently, so that the entire gamut of emotions from joy to depair can be experienced by the Cricketing fans, and, if the bigs guns perform everytime, the youngster wont get a chance. So by not winning regularly, we are actually keeping the interest in the game alive, giving all team members to contribute to help them to keep their place in the team. Winning regularly is boring. We need Motivation to win and what better way to motivate yourself by being complacent and losing a few time....

So my friends, thats the Indian cricket teams philosophy and lets see when they shall grow out of it to become the most dominant cricket team in the world (their current No 1 position notwithstanding).My take is that India shall definitely win the third and final test convincingly..mark my words..!!!


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