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Indianapolis Colts Losing Streak

Updated on October 22, 2011

Indianapolis Colts Losing Streak

So I seem to keep hearing different excuses about why the Indianapolis Colts are on this losing streak. Now everyone knows there isn't an "I" in team if you know what I mean, however I'm hearing excuses like if Peyton Manning was in then the team would not be losing the way they are. Grant it Peyton does make up a good part of the team but he is not the the team. Definition of team from says, Team: 1. a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest: a football team. 2. a number of persons associated in some joint action: a team of advisers.So clearly that says to me that Peyton Manning doesn't make up the whole team. Not to mention that's what the back up quarterbacks are for.

Lets talk about the back up quarterback Painter for a second, that's exactly what he is,a back up for now he collectively comes together with the coaches and team to come up with plans to execute in the game for a game day win. nobody goes into the game thinking oh we cant win without Peyton, they give it their all because again its a team effort. Yes people are talking about had bad this guy cant throw the ball, and again we don't just throw the ball we pass it too. OK so they say the running game is bad too they just cant win can they, No pun intended.

I know I know you are probably saying who am I as a female to comment on football, and that would be chauvinistic and has nothing to do with the truth, I don't think that the Colts would have won anymore games had Peyton been there or not because if the team bases their wins on one player then they are doubting their abilities of what they can do,and we know that is not true.

Team putting a master plan together
Team putting a master plan together

Do the Colts need Peyton Manning to win a game this year?

Do you think the Colts would have won more games with Peyton Manning there?

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