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Inflatable Camping Furniture and Equipment

Updated on July 5, 2009

The industry that revolves around camping and activities that is related to camping has grown into a huge thing in the later years. It might be that the focus on getting people out in the wild is the most important reason for this. Another reason is that the manufacturers have made new break troughs in using new and modern materials that suits the camping life better. The use of lightweight metal materials is without a doubt the most important of these. It has made it possible to make lightweight furniture and equipment that are also steady and solid in the construction. However, it is another material that this article will deal with.

The material we will deal with is of course rubber, or plastic. It might be that this material is the most important one that has seen the light of day in the previous century. It has been used for just about anything one can think of. Even the camping industry has made a good use of rubber. A lot of the furniture is now made from it, and more is being created every day. There are virtually no limits to what we can use rubber and plastic for.

Where rubber has really made its presence known in the camping industry is with all the inflatable equipment that has been introduced to the customers. This equipment is a perfect match to the industry, because it has almost unlimited potential in being compressed to small sizes. This makes it well fit for bringing along in your backpack or any other place that you want to save as much space as you can. So let’s get on with some of the options you have in the inflatable camping furniture and equipment category.

Inflatable Camping Chair

An inflatable camping chair really is something that few people even consider when choosing a new chair for the trips. Most people feel that it will be too fragile and will easily be punctured if is brought in to nature. Well, you should not worry about it. Just about all of the inflatable camping chairs that are made today are made with reinforced rubber that is really hard to puncture. You would almost need a knife to get a hole in these chairs.

With that established we can get to the most important part of inflatable camping chairs; the comfort. There is no doubt at all about the fact that inflatable furniture are among the most comfortable furniture you can use. It is soft and will take the shape of your body when you sit in it. When we combine that with a really small package when not blown up, it seems as we have a winner.

Inflatable Camping Mattress

These mattresses have been around for a few years already and have become very popular. The irony about it is that they have not mainly been used for camping. First and foremost inflatable camping mattresses are used for sleepovers and sport camps. I would bet that most youths around the world has been to a sport camp and slept on an inflatable camping mattress. The mattresses have the same reinforced rubber as the camping chairs, but are also often made from new high tech materials.

Inflatable Camping Pillow

If we have a mattress, we also need a pillow. Inflatable camping pillows are also a product that is mostly used for other things. A lot of people use them to have a pillow when ridding cars or for long flights. But of course, they are also perfect to bring on camping trips.

Inflatable Camping tent

This is something you don’t see everyday. You might think that this has to be a joke, that no one will ever use an inflatable camping tent. However, they are used a lot more than you think. When you go to fairs, a lot of the companies have stands made from inflatable camping tents. For these situations the tents are just perfect, because they are small, light and extremely easy to set up. However, you can also use a lot of the models for regular camping. The problem with them is that they have a tendency to be a bit unstable if there is a lot of wind.


There are as you can see a lot of different goods that has been made inflatable. And there is actually a lot more than what this article contains. All of them can be used for a lot of different things even though they are mainly meant for camping. I would at least advice you to consider getting something inflatable if you are on the hunt for new camping equipment. Your best buy in the inflatable category would probably be an inflatable camping mattress.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I go for regular camping so I am the one who is surely benefited by your hub..thanks a lot.

    • profile image

      luxury camping 

      8 years ago

      That inflatable chair looks pretty comfy with the bonus that it doesn't take up much packing space either.

    • Drwibble profile image


      8 years ago from UK

      We have got a couple of inflatable chairs in our flat. We do not use these for camping due to their weight and size as we do mainly backpacking and cycle touring for our holidays. Saying this the inflatable camping chairs are a great way to have extra chairs in the flat when we have extra guests and when they are gone we can deflate and pack away.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Sorry but I don't see the "special" aspect. I had an inflatable camping tent when I was a kid in the 70's! It was in France, but still, I'm sure it wasn't the only one out there... It was GREAT, btw; my cousins used to push the top in against the floor to wake me up! And it lasted 14 years; my grandmother still has it in the attic!

    • Camping Dan profile image

      Camping Dan 

      9 years ago

      I thought I had seen most all of the camping gear out there, but not these. It is a good concept since inflatable air mattresses are comfortable so why not chairs and tents.


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