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Inflatable Kayak

Updated on July 30, 2009

A rugged one or two-person inflatable kayak is ideal on fishing or hunting expeditions. A inflatable that's easy to row and maneuver, and feels very sturdy once inflated, all constructed in a very tough PVC material, so a lot sturdier build that some would imagine. These kayaks offer a very shallow draft, often great for beginners, and are easy to man-handle around rough waters if required.

Features to the best inflatable kayaks include specially designed seats with back supports, bow and stern spray decks, a drain hole with plug, and large storage compartments, with a choice of colors, sizes, and use ratings. From floating on a slow river to paddling on lakes or whitewater rafting. Inflates quickly and easily with an air pump, and deflating is done in moments so that an inflatable canoe can be folded down into a medium sized sack.

Sevylor, Aire, Intex, Stearns, Sea Eagle and Advanced Elements all manufacture a series of high-quality solo or tandem paddling machines. Some of the kayaks, such as those designed by Advanced Elements feature a built-in aluminum rib to improve on the stability and tracking, all coated in a material that's puncture resistant, and offers ease in set-up with its unfold, inflate, and attach seats approach.

Getting down to a mountain side lake or quiet fishing spot off the beaten track is made that much easier due to a inflatable weighing in the region of 25lbs - 56lbs, and can be compacted down into a medium sized duffel bag.

Inflatable kayaks for sale are locatable in a multitude of places, from sporting goods stores, to marinas, or specialized watercraft stores, as well as online retailers and auction sites. If the time is taken to search online, it’s often a possibility to get some great bargains on a new, used, or demonstration inflatable fishing kayak. Inflatable can often be found at a more affordable rate than its hard-shell counterparts, often costing in the region of $149 - $379. These lower priced kayaks are ideal for those just entering the sport of paddling.

Boats accessories to outfit a kayak include a set of paddles, an electric or manual hand pump for inflation, to items of a safety nature, such as lifejackets, paddles or oars, or an anchor system kit.

Inflatable kayaks offer a affordable entry point in to the outdoor pursuit of paddling, handy in a local lake or calm rivers, and overall simple to store - inflate - and store.


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    • Butch45 profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi this looks great I think they have come a long way with inflatable boats and Canoes.


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