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Inflatable Pontoon Boats

Updated on July 30, 2009

Inflatable pontoon boats offer a lightweight, compact and fast fishing platform for use on lakes to ponds or slow rivers. These solid inflatable’s measures in at 8' – 12’, and able to accommodate 1 or 2 fisherman in comfort.

Features to these inflatable boats include a rigid metal frame for stability, fully padded seats to conform to a body shape and backrest regions for overall comfort. And a tall backrest to assist in rowing performance and leverage. The heavy-duty pontoons are often constructed in an abrasion-resistant PVC and tough nylon material, offer protection against leaks, snags, and other abrasions. For storability, these pontoons often come fitted with a multitude of storage pockets, with armrest storage, to large mesh pockets, and a storage platform at the rear. In addition, for added comfort foot rests feature, all adjustable to any length.

In times of storage, an inflatable boat (plus accessories) can often be packed down into a compact and convenient carry sack - weighting in the region of 25 lb to 46lbs, all dependent on the make and model of raft. Inflating is often a quick and easy duty from carry sack to full inflation in view of the fill/fast inflate-deflate valves, with no tools required in the assemble process.

Some of these pontoons come outfitted with integrated fold-down wheels for ease in transportation, man-handling a boat down to the shoreline is made that much easier even when the inflatable is loaded with a complete supply of tackle and gear for a fishing trip. Also, depending on the model these pontoons' can be equipped with a small electric or gas trolling motor, often with 2hp or so.

Inflatable pontoon boats for safe are seen at numerous retailers, such as marinas to sporting goods stores, or specialized watercraft dealerships either online or an actual store that can be visited. These will also be the best places to locate boats parts, and all accessories for a peaceful paddle to a full day's worth of fishing.

An alternative to the inflatable pontoons is the pontoon float tubes that seem to have established themselves as a popular option for fishing on rivers and ponds. These are in effect a open fronted seat allowing a fisherman to maneuver with his legs dangling in the water, all other ease in steering and tracking. Often featured in a stable pontoon design, with raised seats of a warmer a drier ride, with improved visibility.


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