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Inflatables For The Pool

Updated on June 19, 2013

Choice of Pool Inflatables

Whether you own your own pool, have access to one or just like to visit the beach, the choice of pool inflatables these days is massive. It used to be the case that pool inflatables were just for children and although there is now a wide range for all ages, there are also inflatables that are made specifically for adults as well as the customary pool rafts.

There are also now two different types of pool inflatables - well, one type are inflatables and essentially the other are pool floats as they don't actually have an inflatable component but instead are made of a kind of felt material.

Pool inflatables have improved in design in recent years with both the materials that are used to make them becoming more durable (and also options to choose different materials) and with designs changing, but should still not be used as any kind of lifesaving device and if you have a pool it is a good idea to have some kind of device within reach, just in case of emergencies.

Pool Inflatables for Babies

These days it is very popular to get babies into the water as soon as possible. There are many pool inflatables that are designed specifically for babies to give them an introduction to the water. Many of these are kind of small floating capsules where the baby is held securely inside and they can interact with their parents in the pool. The advantage of putting a baby in a specially designed pool inflatable is that they get used to the water at an early age which can only aid their development and swimming ability later.

If you plan to use an inflatable for your baby then a lot of the baby inflatables also have a covering over them so that they are protected from the sun which is obviously pretty important in hot climates.

Some Great Children's Pool Inflatables

Pool Inflatables for Children

Of course there is a huge selection of pool inflatables for children. You can choose from any number of different animal inflatables in particular - with dolphins, whales and sharks being particularly popular. Children love playing in the pool on inflatables so if you have a pool or are going on holiday then make sure you take them with you as they are easy enough to pack them up in your luggage.

When children are growing up it can be useful to have inflatable rubber rings or armbands that can actually help them to keep afloat in the water and can encourage them in learning to swim. Once they get a bit older and are able to swim then they might want the more fun inflatables that they can sit on or jump on!

Pool Inflatables for Adults

So we can't miss out on the fact that adults also love to play in the pool - after all we are just big kids aren't we?! Personally I like to just relax in the pool on a pool raft or lilo, although I do also have an inflatable chair with a space for a drink so that I can relax with a nice cold beverage at the same time! Lying in the pool when the sun is hot is a great way to cool down too.

If you have a big pool then you can also have some really big inflatables that are designed for many people to use at once. They are also great if you have a big party or group of friends and family round and maybe you don't have enough lounge chairs for everyone! Another fun thing to have is an inflatable double mattress for couple who like to lie in the sun together.

Random Pool Inflatables!


Obviously it would be lax of me not to mention that pool inflatables should never be used as safety devices and are not intended to be life saving items. If you need something in case of emergencies you should always have a life saving ring on hand that can be used in those kind of situations. Inflatables are often made of pretty flimsy materials and are not designed to be used out at sea either. But then you likely knew all this anyway ;-)


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