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Insanity Workout

Updated on December 2, 2012

How good is this workout!

Insanity sounds insane huh? Want to know how it feels and how insane it really is first hand? If you are a person trying to lose weight this is for you, if you are a person already working out this is for you, if you just want to do something because you are bored this is for you, this workout is for everyone that has the time passion and most important the dedication. So lets find out how it really is for a regular person like myself ( not an actor) to have done and experience this workout program.

First of all the first video is pretty crazy, if you can get pass this video the rest are a piece of cake, j/k no they are not! The first video is just a try out, to see where you are at when it comes to your physic. The good thing about this video is that it shows you how out of shape you really are, believe me when i say that! When you get done with the first video you might feel like he man, yeah im done! But in all reality it is just the begining. Dont get scared, here comes the best part. In a month when you get done following the calender, not the nutritional guide never followed that, me personally i like eating everything but thats just me dont get offended. Within that month you sweat like crazy, like if you were in arizona during the summer, really good abs workout videos, shoulder workout videos and cardio workout videos. What i am trying to say here is that this workout if not one of best it should be, you buy the workout program and thats all you need, not like other workout programs where you buy the dvds, now you need dumbells, bands ect.....Insanity is really worth it and if you have the time and dedication you should really get it as a gift, for yourself or for a friend you care about, for me it was, its not impossible, it can be done and the payoff is more than what you expect.

Regardless if you are trying to stay fit or lose weight this is for you, if you are losing weight use the cardio videos, if you are trying to stay in shape use the abs, shoulder and cardio workout videos, regardless of what you do its all about your health. For me i used the cardio and abs workout dvds alot more than any other, for you it might be different. I consider this workout one of the best that you can buy, not only does it have a calender, but on top of that it really works! To finish it off it worked for me, dont believe me it takes alot from you but at the end when you get done it feels good and you look good, i am not going to tell you i ll leave that to your co workers. If they dont tell you haters!


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