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Instant Fisherman Better Than The Pocket Fisherman?

Updated on July 23, 2010
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The Instant FishermanInstant FishermanInstant Fisherman As Seen On TVInstant Fisherman Is Easy
The Instant Fisherman
The Instant Fisherman
Instant Fisherman
Instant Fisherman
Instant Fisherman As Seen On TV
Instant Fisherman As Seen On TV
Instant Fisherman Is Easy
Instant Fisherman Is Easy

The Instant Fisherman As Seen On TV

Now that there is a new version of the Instant Fisherman As Seen On TV, it makes me wonder if it's better than the Pocket Fisherman we all know and love.  The pocket fisherman is a television classic and one of the first TV products to really strike gold with the American public.

I remember as a kid seeing the commercials and wanting the pocket fisherman so bad.  I didn't care if it worked.  Heck, I didn't even fish, but it looked so good.  It was the first thing I remember that seemed like it was part from the back page of a comic book and half real thing.  The ad was as campy as could be and made it look you could catch Moby Dick with one cast.  I never got one as a child but millions were sold over the years and it helped spawn the infomercial industry.

Having said that, the instant fisherman is obviously an attempt to capitalize on the previous success of the Ronco Pocket Fisherman while trying to deliver a product that actually works well.  The commercial has the look and feel of any great As Seen On TV product with its hilarious look at all the problems every day Americans have trying to fish.

You'd think that everyone's life depended on pulling up their own dinner, especially when you see how easily the Instant Fisherman fits inside a brief case.  I can't tell you how difficult it is to get my family in the car with our fishing rods each time we leave the house.

You see, the Instant Fisherman commercial reminds us that we need to be able to fish at any given moment in time and only with this product can we have this ability.  A perfect example is when the guy takes his instant fisherman out of his golf bag for some emergency fishing on the course.  This must have been a close call for this guy but luckily he had his Instant Fisherman so all ended well.  But the point is obviously for the rest of us to examine our own lives.

What could have happened if we needed to fish on a golf course in an emergency situation? Could have been as fortunate as the man in the ad without the instant fisherman?  Let's hope we never have to find out or it could be downright graphic.  The lesson is to always be prepared and this product allows us to do so.  Let's take a look at the commercial so we'll know how we can it in our own lives.

Instant Fisherman Commercial

Instant Fisherman Reviews

Ok, it's time for the instant fisherman reviews and luckily there are people out there who love this product. But, of course, there are others that are not so enthused. I myself love it but I don't fish very much. But, I lived on a lake until very recently and I loved standing on my dock with this thing and trying to trick the bass into biting. It was very rare that they actually went for it, but when they did, the instant fisherman did very well. But most of the time I would pull up little brim and it was fine. It's really excellent for kids because of it's size and weight.

Fortunately, I haven't been in any of those emergency situations where I'm required to fish or else. But, I suppose if I needed it, the Instant Fisherman would be very portable and fit just about anywhere. It closes up nicely and seems pretty efficient in that regard. When storing it, I mean throwing it in the garage, it requires no space and doesn't clutter up the floor like the rest of my junk that lies around.

Instant Fisherman Video Review

But, can the Instant Fisherman impress those who need it most? Is it really a good replacement for multiple fishing rods and can it stand the punishment of the bigger fishing poles we all think we need.  I was surprised to find out that the answer was yes.  I found a great little video review showing the Instant Fisherman in action.  A couple of guys were ice fishing and really putting it to the test.  They caught a lot of fish, and though it was not a high quality video, these guys say a few times how they love the instant fisherman.  Considering the frozen conditions and harsh climate, I would say this is a nice test to see how this thing performs.  Take a look and see a real life display with the Instant Fisherman instead.

Instant Fisherman or Ronco Pocket Fisherman?

Now that we've seen the commercial for the Instant Fisherman and checked out the video review showing that it actually will catch fish, which is better, the Instant Fisherman or Ronco Pocket Fisherman?

This is a pretty tough question because the consensus is that they both can work.  The pocket fisherman appears to be a little harder in the casting department.  Because it is such a short rod, precise casting is a little trickier but can perfected with practice.  The instant fisherman is longer and actually can adjust to 3 different lengths for various styles of fishing.

The Instant Fisherman seems to be better built and made from higher quality materials but there is telling if this makes it a better fishing rod.  They both work and if the Ronco didn't, it wouldn't still be enjoying the massive market success commands.

Now as far as price goes, the Ronco Pocket Fisherman wins out but the Instant Fisherman is extremely reasonable for what it does.  So it appears there is room in the As Seen On TV world for two fishing rods but my money is on the Instant Fisherman because of the materials the fact that it uses newer technologies.  That might make a big difference for avid sportsman.


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    • profile image

      shirley 2 years ago

      I would like to no where I could buy the instant fisherman flying pole that was on tv, can you please give me the address

    • profile image

      Where2for1order 5 years ago

      I ordered an instantfisherman from the infomercial on february 18, 2012 the 2for1 offer.

      I have not received any information if it was a confirmed order or if it was shipped it has been seven weeks since the order!

      I would appreciate any info on where it is or is it going to be sent!

      Thank You, I hope to hear from someone!

    • profile image 5 years ago

      What is the price? How do we order one.

    • profile image

      instant fisherman 6 years ago

      I was wondering what kind of price for the instant fisherman if I was to buy say 12. e-mail me back with price. e-mail is