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Interesting facts and funnies which stopped Cricket

Updated on November 25, 2011

facts about Cricket


1.       5 Animals that have stopped a cricket game while in play.

·         A pig stopped play in 1889 when it ran on to the Pitch. (Worcestershire V Derbyshire)

·         A Hedgehog stopped play in 1957 when it walked onto the pitch one of the fielders had to carry it off the pitch. (Glouchester V Derbyshire)

·         A Sparrow stopped play in 1936 when it got hit midflight by the ball and died. (Cambridge University V MCC) The sparrow is still on display at Lords Cricket Ground in London.

·         A swarm of Bee’s stopped play in 1962, all the players on the pitch ran to the Pavilion. (Oxford University V Worchestershire)

·         A school boy’s pet mouse stopped play in 1957 when it ran onto the field; the young boy had to rescue the mouse with his hat. ( Kent V Hampshire)


2.       The Longest match in History –

The longest match in Cricket History was back in 1939 between England and South Africa the two teams played for 14days straight. The Game was held in Durban, South Africa. After 14 days the game was still not finished England were short of 42 runs for the win and had 5 wickets to their advantage.  The only problem being the England players were sailing home the next day so the game was called and was given a tie.


3.       Mike Gatting got his nose broken while batting against Malcolm Marshall in 1986 at Kingston, Malcolm bowled a ball which unfortunately came up and caught mike in the nose and then followed on to the wicket.

4.       Michael Holding had an amazing throw when he threw the ball from the boundary hitting one set of wickets then the other both batsmen were out of there wickets but the umpire was to confused to give either of them out.

5.       In 1997-1998 Mushtaq Ahmed bowled against Symcox but he missed the ball and it hit the wickets the only problem was the heat had stuck the wickets together so they never fell. Symcox wasn’t out and went on to score a further 81 which was his second highest score in a test match.

6.       The only rule in cricket which has not changed over time is the size of the pitch.

7.       S R Tendulkar of India currently holds the title of the most runs with 14305 runs in total.

8.       Muttiah Muralitharan currently holds the most wickets taken in both test and one day international games.

9.       The first person to wear a helmet in cricket was Graham Yallop back in 1978.

Thomas Staton- I currently work for an outdoor games company with over 4 years experience in dealing with people questions and problems with Sports equipment and out door games.


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      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Interesting hub.