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Internazionale of Milan holds Barcelona and advance to the Uefa's final

Updated on April 28, 2010

Today was the day that the Barcelona team found an impenetrable defense, Internazionale of Milan took the field decided to only defend and hold the team of Messi and co, since playing with the advantage of losing by a goal difference after by winning 3-1 in Milan and that is what could, with all players on defense, prevented the Catalans from reaching the goal. On the more dangerous occasion, the Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar made a great save.

 In the second half, the pressure was even greater after 28 minutes and Barcelona scored a goal, but they needed two. They got another in the end, but was correctly nullified by the referee. They have achieved nothing beyond that and ended up disqualified within your house.
  The final takes place on May 22 in Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich.

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