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Irony of History: Compulsories

Updated on September 8, 2014

Brutal Irony of History

What awaits figure skating is moratorium. Cinquanta and his ISU have become inside traitors to the sport.

Hang Benedict Arnold.

Saying Arnold, how ironic that I have a little sympathy for him. It was not entirely Arnold's fault to become a traitor, or was it?

Those traitors make me keep looking back.

Now a question arises even to my mind.

Isn't it strange that three of five legends come from virtually the same era. Is it a coincidence?

Linda Fratianne in 1977

As the clip above shows, Linda Fratianne was an amazing skater whose physiological fitness, speed, power, balance and jump all are packed in.

Fratianne was one of the most gifted triple jumpers and skaters, even 35 years ago for God's sake. Compared to today's skaters, she looks just a super human. Technical proficiency she flaunted in the footage is mind-boggling, that she could have done quads if she were born today.

But as you see in her skating, all elements are neatly packed.

Let's look back at history of ladies figure skating, shall we? In a time like this, an era of forlorn hope for the sport, we need to know what a legacy we had in a good old day.

Abandoning compulsories was a historic decision. It was inevitable because the sport had evolved so much that the old discipline was like a parking test while doing a car racing.

But now the ISU prostitutes the sport to Russian chauvinists, the sport has come around a long way. We are witnessing a deformity begotten by those ISU bastards and pro-Russian traitors.

The problem is corruption not mode of figure skating, mind you. It is judges that rot, not systems. Let's make it clear.

But even so, I am willing to be more than charitable to let those bastards get away with their fraud and lie as long as they make it plausible even for the sake of shameless pride of a liar.

Mr. Cinquanta, do you know even inmates have a moral code they abide by?

Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

In comparison of the two clips above, what is the most devastatingly wrong with Lipnitskaia's skating?

See results

Two faces of compulsories

It is not a coincidence that we have three legends in the same era. It was the time of fruition of compulsories.

As a matter of fact, compulsories have double edges to the sport. It hindered a skater like Lynn so that its duel with Lynn resulted in its demise.

Compulsories, the old giant, was defeated by a fair David, Lynn.

But ironically what made those legends great was also compulsories discipline.

Ah! what an irony. Fleming and Hamill all were master technicians in compulsories.

Even Lynn was good in compulsories when she competed domestically. Only in her time there are many international skaters who mastered compulsories far better than Lynn such as Trixi Shuba.

Truth be told, Lynn was also a skater that compulsories discipline had molded.

From Fleming to Hamill, the era of legend thrived in fact due to the compulsory discipline in retrospect. Thanks to that tedious and laborious discipline, skaters in the 70s were rock-solid edge control and immaculate control of body moves and technical mastery.

Based on that accumulated asset, they were able to build up unprecedented mastery of figure skating manifested in the form of aesthetics.

If you look at the move of Linda Fratianne who just had followed Hamill, her moves are almost equivalent of legends. Her moves, jumps, flow, edge, line, balance, and even physiological fitness all are as good as figure skating can be.

The way she does triple is far better than today's skaters' barrel-rolling jagged flop after flop.

Is there any doubt if Fratianne were born today, she could have wiped out the competition?

Today's skaters, especially Russian skaters the ISU promotes, are, forgive me my language, a hybrid monster between incompetence and fraud.

Learn skating first!

Above is Yuna Kim's Dance De Macabre in 2009. This is Kim's unbeatable masterpiece. Do you see any jump of Kim's similar to Lipnitskaia's?

Jump is a tip of iceberg. Her moves on ice shows how a master skater has to move and use body on ice.

In fact, Lipnitskaia's performance above estimates her total score in the range of 160-170 with an armful of didactic goodwill for the sake of her youth. Now the ISU tries to sell it for 209.

Are you buying that?

We may need a special rule that requires those Russian skaters to learn compulsories first before coming to the international competition.

They need to learn how to move on ice and how to control their body in motion first. You need to skate first, before jump or spin. Jump is not a separate element from skating; it has to be understood an integral part of skating. Without mastering skating, you cannot be a good jumper - the detail I will explain later.

Today's Russian skaters may be fit for a cheerleading squad for Putin's birthday party, not international competitions.

How ironic is that to see a giant sink hole in triple era that now we are in a dire need of going back to compulsories!

Not we, I guess. But definitely Russian skaters. Believe me, Mr Cinquanta, I am doing you a favor. Compulsories will help those Russians you want to promote and they will look a lot better thereafter, at least not looking too fraudulent as they are right now.

That's the price of your crime. And we ain't paying it.

The figure skating, once glorious and beautiful emblem of physiological aesthetics has turned to a deformed monster. Well, come to think of it, that's Cinuanta's figure skating, the ISU's figure skating and Russian's figure skaing, not ours.


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