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Is Alexis Sanchez a flat track bully.

Updated on April 30, 2017

Don't expect goals against the top teams.

Is Alexis Sanchez a Flat track bully?

Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez has refused to sign a new contract and it seems likely that he will leave Arsenal at the end of the season. As his contract is running out it has been reported that he will be sold for a knockdown fee of around £50 million, but is he the bargain that he appears to be, even in these days of hugely inflated transfer fees? A strike rate of a goal every other game is the benchmark for an outstanding striker in the Premier league and on the face of it Sanchez’s forty seven goals in 90 starts is impressive. However, once you scratch the surface that statistic is nowhere near as impressive as it first appears.

Mention the name of Sanchez to a Hull City fan and the chances are he will give you a filthy look as the little Chilean has scored a most impressive 7 goals in 4 games against The Tigers. With four goals in as many games against Sunderland you will probably get a similar reaction from Black Cats fans and with 4 goals in 5 games against Leicester, Foxes fans aren’t especially enamoured with him either (especially as all 4 of them have come away from home). Once again four goals in six games against West Ham is impressive and once again all four of them away from home. Three in three against both Bournemouth and Burnley and it’s a highly impressive record.

So why the scepticism? It’s his record against the big boys that concerns me. Although his 4 goals in 10 games against the two Manchester teams is okay Sanchez has yet to score more than two goals against any of the top teams and somewhat worryingly all 4 goals came at The Emirates. Furthermore, he has struggled against the other top teams; only one goal in 4 games against Spurs; 1 in 5 against Liverpool and similar figures against Everton. This season’s opening goal at The Emirates was his only goal against Chelsea in six Premier League games, it’s a familiar story, not a lot of goals against the better teams and he struggles to score away.

Sanchez is demanding £300,000 a week, which would make him the highest paid player in the country and has reportedly turned down an offer in excess of £200,000 a week from Arsenal. The back pages are confidently predicting that he will move to either Chelsea or Manchester City in the summer, which would come as no surprise as Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa have both been the subject of transfer rumours and both teams could well be in the market or a new striker.

Would he represent value at £50 million? Sanchez comes a proven goal scoring pedigree in the Premier League, but on the downside we have seen displays of petulance when things aren’t going his way. Factor in his poor record against the top sides and his outlandish wage demands and the answer surely has to be no, but in the crazy world of the Premier League I have no doubts that he will have plenty of suitors chasing his signature come the summer.


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