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Is An Electric Golf Trolley Right For You?

Updated on August 26, 2010
Trooper Golf T6 Trooper Pro
Trooper Golf T6 Trooper Pro

Ever find yourself wanting to walk the green, but never having the strength to carry your bag and do so? You don't want to rent a golf cart and it causes you to lose out on the time you and your friends spend talking, but that's becoming harder and harder to do anymore. Thankfully, there is a product out there can let you continue to walk the green but avoid tiring yourself out by carrying that heavy golf bag.

For the last ten to fifteen years, electric golf trolleys have been helping golfers continue to enjoy the sport they love. They could be described as a remote controlled motorized dolly specifically built for carrying golf bags across the green. Many of these trolleys are built to be as mobile as the golf bags they carry by collapsing into a smaller form that is perfect for putting in the trunk or back seat of your car, right next to the clubs.

Electric golf trolleys also save their users from the aches and pains of carrying a golf bag across the course day after day. Many golfers have felt it, the pains in the back and shoulders that affect their swing. When they're at the driving range, they hit the ball perfectly, but on the course things change. The old pains return and it begins to hurt to swing correctly. The ball falls short or slices and their courses rise higher and higher. An electric golf trolley saves you from this hardship by not only carrying your clubs for you, but pushing them as well. Most trolleys come equipped with a remote control for effortless control.

A Few Things to Remember

Electric golf trolleys do come with a few gotchas, the first is that they are battery operated. Before going out onto the course, make sure that the trolley's batteries are fully charged. It depends from model to model, but it can require anywhere between 10 to 12 hours for one of these batteries to fully charge. The next is that the battery life on these are long, typically for 27 holes of golf, but if the course is particularly difficult or there are some long delays in the game, it may use the entire battery. The next major concern is the material the cart is made from. Aluminum trolleys are lightweight, but can be prone to denting. In other category, steel trolleys are durable, but heavy. Finally, some trolleys are made from titanium and combine the best of both steel and aluminum, but they are typically much more expensive.

An electric golf trolley could be the solution for some of your golfing woes. If you want to be able to enjoy walking the green again without the aches pains and fatigue of carrying a golf bag around with you, this could be the very thing you've been searching for.


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    • profile image

      Golfalot 7 years ago

      We are retired and enjoy playing golf, traveling and meeting up with friends. I always bring along my electric golf caddy, it lets me play this great game and get some exercise at the same time. My remote electric golf caddy is like my 15th club.