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Is Draftkings just hype?

Updated on December 3, 2015

Can you really make money on fantasy sports sites?

Everyone has seen the commercials if you have a TV or watch videos online than you know what Draftkings is. For those of you that have been in hibernation for the past year sites like Draftkings and Fanduel are fantasy sports sites where you pick players within a salary cap from sports such as football, basketball, and even nascar. The tournaments range from a quarter all the way up to thousands of dollars with most major tournaments having thousands of players competing for top prizes that can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to millions.

But Can You Make Money?

The short answer is yes. You can easily put in three dollar lineups and double your money and the average player or new player is only putting a couple lineups in each tournament. A more experienced or a person that has won a small sum on Draftkings will usually player with anywhere from nine to twenty lineups for a single tournament increasing their chances of landing a high spot and landing in the money. Personally I have won about $1,800 on Draftkings with my biggest winding being last week on a quarter tournament. I put in about nine lineups in a 60k tournament for a quarter each. I got in second place and received $1,500 in winnings.

Be Wary of Sharks

Sharks? Learn the term because they are out there and boy oh boy the gettin is good. Sharks are players that usually use computer programs that are sometimes self created to generate Draftking lineups. These sharks carry serious money with them with the biggest ones playing with hundreds of thousand of dollars at a time. They place the maximum amount of lineups in each tournament and are often the ones winning top prizes. Sharks come with the game but are a necessity in filling up tournaments.


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