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Is Draymond Green the Most Hated Player in the NBA?

Updated on May 21, 2018

Draymond Green: Most Hated Player in the NBA?

Hated by Many, Loved by Few

It’s no secret that Draymond Green is one of the best two-way players in the NBA, however; is he also the most hated? During Greens’ career, he’s managed to provoke and frustrate every player that has attempted guard him. While Golden State fans yell praises and words of encouragement his way, many others frown in disgust when hearing his name.

Green was selected by the Golden State Warriors in the second round in 2012. Since then, Green has vowed to become a man on a mission. Slowly but surely, Green gained stride and became an energetic leader for the Bay Area super team. A determined Green went on to accumulate blocks, steals and points alike to claim his spot at the top. During the 2016-17 season, Green was voted the Defensive Player of the Year. Unworthy opponents hurled insults and made claims against Green’s methods of aggressive basketball. The fact that Draymond Green could block their shot and score before they even knew what happened, was beginning to become a problem.

Draymond Green is the Bay Area Bully

Accidental incidents on the game court got Green labeled as a “dirty player.” During a playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016, Draymond accidentally kicked Oklahoma star Steven Adams in the groin. Many onlookers argue and insists that the kick was intentional, and Green needed to be ejected from the game. Green, who summarized that his leg extends when he jumps to block the ball or shoot, was fined for the incident. The incident occurred one more time during the same series against Adams in which he was kneed in the groin.

Draymond Proves Talk is Cheap

Draymond Green is confident in his abilities as a basketball player and it’s seemed to rub some players the wrong way. During the recent 2018 playoffs, in which the Warriors faced The Pelicans, Pelicans’ point guard Rajon Rondo got into a shouting match with Draymond, a match that almost turned physical and caused the two to receive technical fouls. On the TNT network later that night, basketball legend Charles Barkley insisted that someone needed to punch Green in the face. Was this based off Greens ability to dominate on the court, or something personal?

Charles Barkley, who’s been a critic of the Golden State franchise and all their players, has mentioned acts of violence directed towards Green on more than one occasion. Charles tends to demoralize and criticize Green while on TV and radio, however; he never sticks to his words when he’s in front of Draymond Green personally. After hearing Barkley’s comments, Draymond assured that Barkley could come see him and say it to his face at any point in time, something that has yet to happen. In a recent interview with Warriors superstar Kevin Durant, Charles attempted a controversial question when asking Durant if Draymond was “annoying”. Kevin Durant responded in the best way possible, he insisted that Charles go ask Draymond for the answer since he was still in the building. As you can guess, Charles never approached Draymond about the answer to his question.

Green is a force to be reckoned with on and off the court. His go hard attitude and pure aggression already has him listed in the record books with some of the greatest NBA players of all time. Although he is unfavored and downright despised by almost every other team, he is loved and considered a role model by Golden State and its loyal fans. Green has matured during the 6 years he’s graced the NBA. He no longer allows players to provoke him into receiving unnecessary technical fouls. He also doesn’t spend his time arguing with the officials that seem to target him because of previous incidents in the past. Green is driven by the hatred he receives from most people, it appears to make him more aggressive and better at what he does, which is play hardcore, dominating, Golden State basketball.

Is Draymond Green a Dirty Player?

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