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Is Mark Trumbo the next $100 Million dollar slugger?

Updated on April 8, 2014

Mark Trumbo

In 2010 Mark Trumbo played in eight baseball games for the Los Angeles Angles at the age of 24. Los Angles saw enough to make him a full time player the next year.

The 2011 season saw Trumbo play in 149 games for the Angles. He showed his power. hitting 29 home-runs with 31 doubles. His 87 RBIs was a career best. At the age of 25 Trumbo showed that he could be a force in the league for years to come. His only down fall was his 120 strike-outs in 539 at-bats, which showed he swings for power only.

In 2012 Trumbo would play in five fewer games but would eclipse his home-run mark from the year before. He hit 32 home-runs with 19 doubles. He set a career mark with 95 runs driven in. He also set a new record with 153 strike-outs in 586 at-bats.

The 2013 season saw Trumbo in a battle with his own teammates for power pitches to hit. With Albert Pujols and Mike Trout on the squad Trumbo needed to be on his game. He played in a career high 159 games. He also had career highs in Home-runs with 34 and runs batted in with 100. A bad record he broke was his strike-out record with 184 strike outs in 678 at-bats.

With Los Angels having a very high pay roll, the figured they would not have a chance to resign Trumbo, so in December of 2013 they traded him to Arizona.

After signing a $4.2 million dollar one year deal with Arizona, Trumbo started his National League career in 2014.

Knowing that he will be a free agent after this year, Arizona will be trying to get everything they can out of him. Don't be surprised if they trade him before the end of the year to a contender if their season is a bust.

So far, Arizona has a 2-8 record which makes you think Trumbo is on the market. If that is so some club is getting a great young talent. After ten games Trumbo already has five home-runs and has driven in 13 runs. The best stat so far this year is that he has only seven strike-outs on the year.

At his current pace he will hit 80 home-runs with 208 runs batted in. We know that will not happen but he is putting great numbers up so far this season.

Is Mark Trumbo worth $100 million dollars

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With what Trumbo has done through-out his career, I strongly believe that after this season he will be involved in a huge bidding war. At the age of 29, I can easily see he earn a six year $90-100 million dollar paycheck.

Every team would love to have a guy who can hit for power and change a game in just one swing. His downfall of striking out a lot will be a concern for some clubs but the positives out weigh the negatives.

What do you think? Is Mark Trumbo worth a $100 million dollars to a club. You have read what i think. Trumbo is one of the great power hitters we have in baseball today. He is not a one year wonder. For three straight years he has proven he has the power to carry a club.


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