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Is Week 2 Game already a Must Win?

Updated on September 20, 2015
If the offense plays like it did against Carolina, Blake Bortles and the rest of the Jaguars can expect to be playing in front of empty seats.
If the offense plays like it did against Carolina, Blake Bortles and the rest of the Jaguars can expect to be playing in front of empty seats. | Source

After last weeks disappointing loss to the Carolina Panthers, the Jaguars find themselves in an interesting position. Could it be one of the earliest must win games in franchise history? Quite possibly.

Last week should have been a game where the Jaguars should of made so headway with what we saw in preseason. I get it. The preseason does not dictate how we play in the regular season since there is no game planning and your starters barely play a whole game over the four. The issue is that the offense against Carolina looked NOTHING like the offense we saw in August.

I really believe to say I was disappointed about last week is an understatement. There were times even I, the ultimate optimist, found myself saying, "same old Jags". I could not believe it at times. We have almost a recipe for losing in the last three years. Have a good defense, throw in a below average passing game and, while you are at it, give the enemy a pick-6 and we should be good to lose by double digits at home.

What is scary is the upcoming schedule. If you saw my season predictions you would think I was, how do you say it Phil, thinking of unicorns and rainbows?! I really thought that the offense could actually be the difference for once. One game in, that does not look like it.

Jaguars next three weeks after this game are as follows:

@ New England 9/27, @ Indy 10/4 and @ Tampa 10/11

It does't matter what team you are, being on the road for three straight weeks is a killer. The fact we play two tough teams in a row is even more so. Even the "Tampa Takeover" game looks in doubt. So how important is the game today against Miami?

Wins Come Slowly

First win
Week 7: vs CLE
Week 10: @ TN
Week 3: @ IND
Week 1: vs. TEN

Bottom line is, Jacksonville really needs this win. They need to look at today as the first game of the season and tell themselves it begins now. If they cannot do that, then this team is in for a long season and head coach Gus Bradley may not be in Jacksonville much longer.

I like Gus. His positivity is contagious but for some reason, as of this moment, it has not been contagious enough to translate over to the win column. I am getting tired of "they are progressing and growing" and "we are making strides". I would love to see a McElwain-ish tirade from Gus Bradley one time to see if it could light a fire under this team. In baseball, the manager sometimes finds a situation to get thrown out to get his message across. Just saying.

Fred Taylor running for a 90-yard TD against Miami in 1999
Fred Taylor running for a 90-yard TD against Miami in 1999 | Source

What Do the Jags Need to do to Win Today

Beat the Dolphins! Sounds simple, right? Look, as you have seen in my past articles, I am not an x's & o's kind of guy. I am a fan just like all of you and like to point out a couple of items that need to occur for our team to be successful. Here are some of this items:

  • No drops from the receivers: yeah, they had some key drops last week but the last time I checked, this is your job. Do it.
  • A little more pressure from the front seven: they had a lot of pressure last week but only turned it into 2 sacks. QB Ryan Tannehill is not Cam Newton. Get to him early, get to him quick and get him rattled.
  • Stop the run: Dolphins ran for 74 yards last week against the 'AMAZING' Redskins. They better not run for any more than that against the Jags
  • Run the ball: The Redskins ran for 162 yards and RB Alfred Morris had 121 himself. TJ Yeldon is not Alfred Morris but the running back by committee can run the ball and we saw signs that Yeldon could be a decent RB last week. Lets see it.
  • Blake needs to play like preseason Blake: Ok Bortles. The first game jitters in a new offense is gone. Knock it off and go play loose. Loose Bortles equals fun plays and wins. Last week was kind of like a DirecTv commercial with Bortles. Let's have regular Blake back today.
  • Throw to tight ends: This position is on the field and was "targeted" 2 times last week. Get them involved and I think you will be happy with the result.
  • Score more points: Our defense gave up 13 points last week. Dolphins score 10 (they had a punt return TD and that does't count, right?). We have an opportunity to make up for last week today. Let's do this
  • Score touchdowns: Do I need to say more?

Leave a note and tell me your thoughts!

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