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Isiah Thomas And The New York Knicks

Updated on December 9, 2008

The Ballad of Isiah

Isiah Thomas In “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

In New York City where payrolls are high and accountability taken seriously, a general feeling of bloodlust is brewing. The object of this intense hatred of course, is embattled Knicks president and head coach Isiah Thomas. If sending a giant pink slip to Madison Square Garden wasn’t enough of a hint to owner James Dolan that fans are displeased with the current situation then the mantra of ‘fire Isiah’ should clue him in.



The Knicks record over the past four years under Thomas has been abysmal. Players have seemingly lost the desire to actually win a game and the off-court antics of their ‘fearless leader’ have elevated this team to soap opera status. (A post formally held by the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers.)


While most fans in New York are just trying to figure out how to rid themselves of Thomas’ presence, fans elsewhere (particularly in Detroit) are left to wonder:



What happened?



What happened to the beloved Hall of Fame basketball player whose grit and determination helped the Pistons win back-to-back championships? What happened to the man who is credited with 9,061 assists, 18,822 points, numerous MVP awards and even the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award for exemplary community service? Isiah Thomas was a man who kept the promise to his Mother to graduate from college. Earning a degree in criminal justice no less!



After careful consideration of these facts there can only be one rational explanation for such an apparent personality change.


Alien invasion.


Sure, UFO conspiracy theorists have been trying to tell us this for years but without proof people had no choice but to ridicule them. Well, who’s laughing now?



This ‘new’ Isiah Thomas who has caused a sexual harassment lawsuit to be brought against the team, who has repeatedly taunted fans by blaming them for the players poor performance and who inspires such disrespect that his key player (Stephon Marbury) has no problem blackmailing him in public is obviously an imposter.



The real ‘Zeke’ knew what it took to win basketball games. He was passionate and in control on the court, deftly out maneuvering any opponent. His feisty determination could rally come-from-behind victories any night of the week.


Now we are suppose to believe that this same person can’t motivate a team of all stars to crawl out of one of the worst slumps in franchise history.



And what about James Dolan? No other chief executive would put up with this kind of record. Most owners live to hand out pink slips; it’s one of their favorite activities.


So what is behind his bizarre behavior? Watch “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and the reason becomes clear.

Pod people stick together.






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    • RFox profile image

      RFox 10 years ago

      I couldn't agree more! It's hard for me to fathom the difference between Isiah 'the player' and Isiah 'the manager and coach'. How can someone who was so astute at reading plays and picking apart teams on the floor be such a wreck as a coach and leader? And I don't even know what to say about Starbury. He needs to stop whining and suck it up, that is what he's getting paid the big bucks to do.

      I think there are a few people in the Knicks organisation with incriminating photos!

      Thanks for the comments. I'm hoping to write some more sports articles soon. Just need to invent an extra day of the week so I have the time to pursue my passion. :)

    • JamesRay profile image

      JamesRay 10 years ago from Philadelphia

      This is so on point. I was a Knicks fan in the 1990s (admittedly a bit of a fair weather fan) during the Ewing/Starks/Oakley years. Although those guys played a pretty boring, rough brand of hoops, they all gave 100% effort at all times. That is why I liked them.

      Now, ugh, this team is so awful. And yes, it is Isiah's fault. He is a terrible general manager. He offers huge contracts to mediocre players, and even bigger deals to talented players with permanent attitude problems (see Starbury). As a coach, it seems he may be even worse. Add to that the sexual harassment judgment of $12 million, and one has to wonder: does Thomas have compromising pictures of James Dolan hidden away somewhere?

      It's sad, because when he was a player, I had the greatest respect for Isiah. He was remarkably talented, very smart, and a fierce competitor who led by example. I don't know what he is doing now.

    • RFox profile image

      RFox 10 years ago

      Thank you for your comments. They are greatly appreciated.

    • omdelhi profile image

      Om Prakash Singh 10 years ago from New Delhi

      Again a good and informative hub from your side. thanx for sharing.

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      There is a lot of histort built into this hub

      yjamk you