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Olympic Feast in Rio de Janeiro

Updated on August 21, 2016

last day of the Olympic games. Two weeks of plenty emotions: tears, happiness, joy, fears,sadness, disappointment.....Many athletes were preparing for a looong time in order to get there and to participate with millions of other athletes. Taking the risk to either to fly their flag or just go back without any achievement. However what I like the most in these games, is the SPORT SPIRIT. These two weeks were teaching us how to run after our goals, how to stick to our dreams. Indeed, after 20 years of trying, Fehaid al-Deehan, wins the golden medal. A dream came true by hard working and perseverance.

But the best part is that these games are held in Rio de Janeiro. In this city of beauty, the city of nature and entertainment, You are able to switch between running and dancing as fast as you can. This Olympic summer may be the best time to visit this city, and discover how beautiful it is.


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