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Jacksonville Jaguars 2015 Regular Season Schedule Released (1st half revisions)

Updated on September 27, 2015
Blake Bortles is ready to lead the Jaguars into 2015
Blake Bortles is ready to lead the Jaguars into 2015 | Source

Here it is Jaguars fans! The 2015 schedule has been released. Like me, I am sure you are already looking for the time off from work to coincide with some of these games. Well, let's get into a little "show-the-schedule-and-guess-who-will-win-based-on-no-real-information-but-my-gut" analysis, shall we?

Week 1 - 9/13, 1 PM - vs. Panthers

This will be a great game to get the Jags off on the right foot. Traditionally, defenses start off quicker than offenses do so this could be a key victory to start the season for Jacksonville. Look for a little surprise for Cam Newton on this day with the Jags defense coming out fast. Jags 17, Carolina 12

9/8 update -- I still say this is the score

RESULT -- Carolina 20, Jaguars 9: Jags preseason offense did not show up. Hope this changes soon!! (0-1)

Week 2 - 9/20, 4:05 PM - vs. Dolphins

Could this be the shot that Jags fans have been waiting for? A chance to start the season 2-0? Jacksonville is 0-3 in the last three meetings and are due for a win, right? I am calling it! After the home-opener win against the Panthers, the fans will have the bank rocking'. Jags 24, Dolphins 20 (Sorry, Gramps!)

9/8 update -- Jags 24, Dolphins 21...we still win!!!

RESULT -- Jaguars 23, Miami 20: AR-15 catching everything and finished with 155 yards and 2 TD's; K myers makes up for first game, kicks game winner (1-1)

Week 3 - 9/27, 1 PM - @ Patriots

Well, it was fun while it lasted! The defending Super Bowl champs will be coming off a possible easy win against Buffalo the week before so they may be on a hangov.....ahahahahahah. I can't do it. Patriots 31, Jags 17

9/8 update -- no change

RESULT -- Patriots A LOT!, Jags a little: enough said (1-2)

Week 4 - 10/4, 1 PM - @ Colts

First division game of the season and it is at their house. Indy is a hard team to play, let alone at Lucas Oil Arena. As much as I would love to pick the good guys....... Colts 28, Jags 14

9/8 update -- I think we score more points but still lose @ Indy -> Colts 28, Jags 17

Week 5 - 10/11, 1 PM - @ Buccaneers

Let's go ahead and win the Super Bowl of Florida. beat the Dolphins, beat the Bucs and own the state. Have fun Jameis because I do not think you will have a rhythm by week 5. Jags 21, Bucs 17

9/8 update -- Jags 28, Bucs that Jameis, I will be there with crab legs in hand

Week 6 - 10/18, 1 PM - vs. Texans

First home game back after three in a row, although Tampa is more like an overnight with your cousins. This will have the Jags fans eager to see their team back home with three wins in their pocket already. Could this be an early change of power? Although we do not know who the QB for the Texans will be (Mallett), expect them to come out gunning...and it does help having the best player in football on your team in J.J. Watt. Texans 24, Jags 21

9/8 update -- I don't know if the Texans will have this much offense -- FIRST CHANGE -- Jags 24, Texans 17

Week 7 - 10/25, 9:30 AM - vs. Buffalo Bills (London)

Third time is charm for our brethren across the pond. You finally get to see YOUR home team win a game. Yes, I expect this to be the Jaguars game as they have the experience. Also, this will be a fun game to tailgate for with a morning kickoff -- takes me back to being stationed in San Diego when I was in the Marines...three hour time difference on the west coast is heaven for football fans. Jags 28, Bills 20

9/8 update -- no change...and good luck finding a QB Buffalo. The Bills do have the best Long Snapper in the game though, right?!

Week 8 - 11/1 - BYE WEEK

I have the Jaguars at 4-3 going into the bye week. Can you imagine? All the lack of analysis and total guessing I have done in the 10 minutes it really took me to make some notes has our team back to the promise land. Seven wins over the last two seasons and we will have four by the break. I like it!

9/8 update -- Jags are 5-2....WHAT!!!!

How do you think the Jaguars will do in 2015

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Week 9 - 11/8, 1 PM - @ Jets

New coach, new offense, new defense, new....everything for the Jets. This is my toss-up game and I think Gus will have the team ready after the bye, right? I flipped a coin....Jets win. Jets 17, Jags 16

Week 10 - 11/15, 1 PM - @ Ravens

If the Ravens play offense like they did last year, this could be a closer game for Jacksonville. Alas, I think the defense will be too much and I don't know if our offense can go play smash mouth football two weeks in a row. Ravens 24, Jags 14

Week 11 - 11/19, 8:25 PM - vs. Titans

It is a Thursday night game and I HATE THE TITANS! Jags 37, Titans 10

Week 12 - 11/29, 1 PM - vs. Chargers

San Diego comes across the country with a QB in Philip Rivers that still has not taken them far in the playoffs. I wonder if they will be playing for a playoff spot. My guess is yes. Chargers 24, Jags 10

Week 13 - 12/6, 1 PM - @ Titans

I STILL HATE THE TITANS. I think Bortles keeps it close the whole game on purpose so K Josh Scobee redeems his line from last year's blocked kick to drop a 50-yarder for the win. Jags 19, Titans 17

Week 14 - 12/13, 1 PM - vs. Colts

The Colts and Andrew Luck come to Jacksonville in hopes of clinching a playoff spot. I think they make this happen but another change of peer is seen. This game is much closer and Sen'Derrick Marks gets thrown out for tackling Luck by his beard. Colts 27, Jags 24

Week 15 - 12/20, 1 PM - vs. Falcons

I see the Falcons coming back this season -- again, another guess that has no backing to it...just sounds good -- It will be the last home game of the season and the last time we see the Jaguars in 2015. Another toss-up...and the coin lands on the Falcons winning this one (I need a new coin). Falcons 21, Jags 20

Week 16 - 12/27, 1 PM - @ Saints

Drew Brees without Jimmy Graham? Say it ain't so. Well, it is so and for the, I say, NFC South division champs, they will be using this game to clinch that championship. Saints 31, Jags 24

Week 17 - 1/3, 1 PM - @ Texans

Jacksonville will show the rest of the league that they are for real. Head coach Gus Bradley and GM Dave Caldwell are going to remember this game as the one that started it all. The Jaguars are for real. Jags 24, Texans 16

Awesome how things work out

Crazy, huh? In about an hours work, I have just showed you that the 2015 Jacksonville Jaguars will go 7-9. I feel as if my arguments for this record stand on their own two feet and need no real substantial proof of why I feel this way. This is what I say will happen and we should all rejoice. The question is, will Jaguar fans be happy with a record near this if the team continues to grow. I think Gus' job is safe if he wins at least six games but I also understand I may be in the minority. Some things you just have to let play out and I really think we need to let this play out into 2016 with Coach Bradley.

Other random predictions that also have no true analysis behind them

  • With new addition TE Julius Thomas and Marcedes Lewis working on goal line offense, look for the Jaguars to be one of the league leaders in red zone efficiency
  • Blake Bortles to move into the middle of the pack of NFL quarterbacks. Obviously this would be a huge change and if he can play this whole season like he did the 2nd half of last season, the record I predicted above should be easily attainable
  • Jagurs will rush for 1600 yards this season -- really, really random prediction of the week
  • Justin Blackmon will return?
  • WR Allen Robinson makes a case for the Pro Bowl. I did not say he would make it, I feel the chemistry between him and Bortles is undeniable and that the both of them will grow with each water to grass or heat to popcorn
  • Evan Britton will miss the first 4 games -- oh wait, this is apologies

And the #1 random prediction for 2015

The Jaguars will get better and the bank will be full! See you soon Jags fans!

C. Austin

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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Good luck. Like the confidence. Everyone at here pays attention to the Jags because of Bradley. They won't get past the Colts, but the rest of that division is a train wreck...unless the Titans get Rivers. Then all bets are off.

    • profile image

      Gramps 2 years ago

      your Dolphins prediction is off my friend. Suh, will get a fine for stepping all over your offense. Sorry...