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Jaded Lamar Odom

Updated on November 30, 2012

“Hi, I’m Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers,” said Lamar Odom during an advertisement for the L.A. Clippers . Either the former L.A. Lakers forward is living in denial that he was traded to the L.A. Clippers on June 29, or his heart simply isn’t with the Clippers. Another possibility is that he’s so used to being a L.A. Laker that, in his mind, he still is one.

He invested so much of his talent and life to his basketball career with the Lakers, after all. With them, he’s played 437 career games in a seven year time span. He has only played 234 games in a five season time span with the Clippers (some of which was spent when he was initially drafted by them in 1999).

A marriage between the Lakers and his basketball skills were the best he ever had and produced two NBA titles. So, like a jilted spouse, he expressed his resentment that he was unwanted by the Lakers when they initially attempted to trade him to the New Orleans Hornets on December 8th before the Mavericks picked him up on December 10th.

“Man, I’m just in total disbelief about all of this,” he told the L.A Times on December 8, 2011. “They don’t want my services, for whatever reason. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I was proud to be a Laker, so I’ll try to help them in the process as much as possible.”

On January 15, 2012, the L.A.Times caught up with Odom and learned that he was still lamenting the attempted trade. As he told the L.A. Times, “For them just to try to trade me without communicating, it made me start to ask myself questions like 'Why would they do something like that?'It was impossible for me not to take it personally. When I spoke to one of the representatives for the Lakers, the first thing he said was ‘Don’t take it personally.’ That means it’s personal if that’s the first thing someone says to you.”

As a consequence, the basketball forward’s performance has been lackluster. So, the Dallas Mavericks also traded him to the L.A Clippers. But the L.A. Clippers might soon trade the disillusioned Odom, themselves, because of his poor performance this season with the team.

According to Reality TV Magazine’s sources, Odom is desperate to return to the Lakers, especially after underperforming in the 2011-12 season in Dallas. They credit his lackluster performance to a “lack of mental focus.” Perhaps the Lakers will take him back since they’ve been underperforming since his departure. They can't seem to live without each other.

Should the L.A. Lakers take Lamar Odom back?

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