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Japanese Swimmers Hanae Ito and Aya Terakawa

Updated on July 15, 2017

Profile of Hanae Ito

  • Her specialty in swimming is the backstroke.
  • Her date of birth is January 18, 1985.
  • Her height is listed at 174 centimeters.
  • Her weight is listed at 62 kilograms.

A few photos of Hanae Ito during the 2012 Japan Swim event

Swimmer Hanae Ito is seen here during day 2 of the 2012 Japan Swim event as she just finished competing in the 200 meter freestyle semifinal.
Swimmer Hanae Ito is seen here during day 2 of the 2012 Japan Swim event as she just finished competing in the 200 meter freestyle semifinal. | Source

Hanae Ito's international career

At the 2005 World Championships, Hanae Ito completed the race and received a 6th place finish in the 100 meter backstroke event. In the 2006 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, she became really successful with an outstanding first place finish. Her time of finishing the championship was at 1:00.63. In 2008 during the Beijing Olympics, Ito finished in 8th place as a backstroke swimmer. In addition to her backstroke events, Hanae Ito also has seen success in freestyle swimming competition. In November 2010 in Guangzhou, China, Ito received a bronze medal during the Women’s 200 meter freestyle event in the 16th Asian Games.

Hanae Ito's swimming success in Japan

In her native country of Japan, Hanae Ito’s personal best finish in the 100 meter backstroke short course swimming event was 59.83 in April 2008. In the long course swimming event, Ito’s best finish was 2:03.01 which ended up being an Asian as well as a Japanese swimming record. That was established in February 2009. Ito participated in the Japan Swim 2012 competition in April 2012. The event took place in Tokyo at the Tatsumi International Swimming Pool. Ito actually finished behind Yayoi Matsumoto, and of course, Haruka Ueda the winner of that competition. Ito also competed with swimmer Reiko Nakamura in some various swimming events in Japan. There isn’t much information on Hanae Ito but she is so gracious and classy during interviews whether she wins or loses. Let’s hope that she continues to do well in her swimming career and in life.

A few photos of Aya Terakawa

Aya Terakawa is happy after winning the bronze medal in London in 2012.
Aya Terakawa is happy after winning the bronze medal in London in 2012.

Aya Terakawa: her life and career

Aya Terakawa may not be an athlete that some of us may recognize. But she has achieved much success in her career. Born on November 12, 1984, this female swimmer specializes in the backstroke. She has had a long swimming career. Back in 2001 during the World Aquatics Championships, Terakawa finished in 8th place. This was during the 200 meter backstroke event. The following year, she finished in a very respectable 2nd place for the same 200 meter backstroke event. This was during the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. In 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens Greece, she finished in 8th place during the 200 meter backstroke event.

Aya Terakawa has also found success in her home country. In July 2009 at the age of 24, Terakawa established a Japanese record in the 50 meter backstroke event. This was during the long course championships. The time of her finish was 27.73. In the short course swimming championships, she established an Asian and Japanese record at the 50 meter backstroke event. She finished at a time of 26.40.

At five feet and eight inches tall, Aya Terakawa is one of the tallest Japanese swimmers out there. She belongs to the club Mizuno Swim Team in Osaka, Japan. Terakawa is a graduate of Kinki University Law School in Osaka. Her hobbies are playing darts and diving. As of this writing, Terakawa won a bronze medal in the Women’s 100 meter freestyle losing to Missy Franklin of the United States who won gold. In 2011 during the 14th World Swimming Championships in Shanghai China, Terakawa won a silver medal. Earlier this year, Terakawa also won the 100 meter backstroke at the Japan Open Swimming Championships. She finished with a time of 59.08. This finish marked the second fastest time of the year. And by doing so, Terakawa barely beat her countrywoman Shiho Sakai who finished in 2nd place.

As you can see, this talented swimmer has much to be proud of. She is also one of the prettiest athletes I’ve ever seen. In December 2013, Terakawa announced her retirement from swimming. She feels that she exceeded her own expectations. After failing to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, she was able to make it in 2012 for the London Games. That credit goes to coach Norimasa Hirai.


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