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Jeff Francoeur and B.J. Upton can hit .400 in 2015 if they believe Jesus and practice what I preach

Updated on October 29, 2014

Believing Jesus and using your mind properly is the key to hitting .400

The simple truth is anyone in MLB can hit .400 if they believe the teachings of Jesus and also do the physical and mental exercises I recommend. Unfortunately, in order to be politically correct, Major League Baseball (MLB) does not encourage or officially promote the use of any form of spiritual teachings, not just Christianity.

Many believe that MLB is anti-God, not so much because its leadership wants to be politically correct and not offend anyone, but rather because MLB ownership is heavily controlled by the Ruling Elites, also known as The Illuminati, who secretly worship Lucifer. Yes, I realize this may sound crazy when you first learn of this. However, if you simply do a little homework you will soon realize that the worship of Lucifer is widely practiced by the wealthiest and most powerful people on Earth.

MLB's anti-God position has led to the widespread belief among the vast majority of GM's, Player Development executives, managers, coaches, and players that the .400 batting average is not only an unrealistic goal but is virtually impossible. This false belief has led to a steady decline in the quality of hitting, overall, at the MLB level. What's worse is this false belief trickles down to the coaches and players in the minor leagues as well as to the members of the media who broadcast and report on the game.

Today, if you mention the possibility of the .400 batting average at the MLB level, the "experts" will roll their eyes just as if you had mentioned Jesus, UFO's, or Bigfoot. Unfortunately, this form of programming dominates MLB management, coaches, and players today.

When you mention the fact that both Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby hit better than .400 three times each and that George Sisler did it twice, modern day experts rush to tell you that the pitching wasn't as good, the fields weren't as good, the fielder's mitts were horrible, the player's weren't as big, strong, and fast, that they played day games and could see better, the travel is so tiring, etc. While there is an element of truth to much of what the modern day experts preach about why the .400 batting average is no longer possible, there are also some points they never discuss.

For example, in the old days the pitcher's mound was 15 inches tall, not 10 inches tall as it has been since 1969. In the old days the umpires called a strike from the hitter's knees to the hitter's letters. Since 1969, the umpires have been ordered to call anything above the belt a ball. Therefore, since 1969 the size of both the pitcher's mound and the strike zone have been reduced by a full one-third making life much easier for hitters and much more difficult for pitchers.

In addition, in the old days players travelled by train. This forced the players to spend a lot more time with each other. They spent a lot more time thinking and talking about hitting as they spent so many hours together on the trains. They were able to discuss the tendencies and patterns of various pitchers as well as the various strategies they used against these pitchers.

In the old days, while there were fewer people, there was also only two sports, boxing and baseball, where a man could earn a decent living as a professional. Because boxing has always been a brutal and violent sport, virtually every great athlete elected to avoid the sport of boxing. For all practical purposes, baseball was the ONLY sport for a great athlete to earn a good living as a professional. Therefore, virtually every great athlete in America played baseball.

Unfortunately, in the old days MLB was racist and would not allow any Black or Hispanic people to play. While Black and Hispanic people only accounted for about 10%-15% of the total population at that time, there were black players like Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, and Satchel Paige who were as good as anyone who has ever played the game.

To argue over which era was easier or more difficult to hit .400 is to miss the point. The main point, the dominant or most important truth that must be considered is the practical application of the mental power possessed by each and every player, regardless of the era in which they played. The inner game has been virtually ignored for the past 100 years.

In the old days, prior to television, computers, cell phones, I-pads, etc. players spent much more time together thinking and talking about baseball. This meant that they were more into the game, mentally. Because some players were actually hitting .400, this fact alone elevated the expectations of all other players. Naturally, nobody back then considered the .400 batting average to be impossible.

The biggest problem in MLB today is the general attitude that now exists due to the exclusion of the most powerful inner game information known to man. This failure to recognize and practically apply the teachings of the greatest people in history is the primary reason for the overall decline in hitting excellence and the widespread belief that the .400 batting average is no longer possible. Modern players and coaches are quick to make excuses for their failure to hit .400.

So, what is the most powerful inner game information known to man? In order to really understand what the most important inner game information is, you must first answer the question Who Am I? All of the great spiritual traditions like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and many others use different words but all arrive at the same answer.

Since most Americans are either Christian or Jew and the title of this article contains the name of Jesus, I will answer the question the way Jesus would. Jesus would begin by referring you to Psalms 82:6 which reads, "I have said, Ye are gods: and all of you are children of the Most High." Now, this verse, alone, should be enough to explain WHY you are certainly capable of hitting .400 or better in MLB. However, let's explore it a little deeper.

What do parents and their children have in common? They have the same essential properties, characteristics, and attributes, right? Therefore, for you to be a child of the Most High or God, this makes you one incredible and extraordinary being, right? You are, literally, a child of God.

So, now that you know Who you are, a child of God, according to the Bible, what else does the Bible say that can make me believe YOU CAN actually hit .400 or better in MLB? What did Jesus have to say about it?

Jesus was here to teach us about our divine nature and about both why and how we actually can be, do, and have anything we believe we can be, do, and have. In John 14:12 Jesus said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." In John 14:13 Jesus said, "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son." In John 14:14 Jesus said, "If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it." Is hitting .400 or better something you might reasonably ask for? Of course it is.

The bottom line here is that Jesus was telling us that we are divine beings just like him. He told us that we can do the great works he was doing and even greater works. Ask yourself, does it seem logical and reasonable for YOU to be less than divine yet be able to do greater works than someone who is divine, like Jesus? Of course not. In order for YOU to do greater works than Jesus, YOU MUST BE DIVINE ALSO. Are you now beginning to understand why, according to Jesus, you can hit .400 or better?

What else did Jesus say to help you understand both why and how you actually can hit .400 or better? In Mark 9:29 Jesus said, "According to your faith, be it unto you." What is faith? Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." In other words, faith is a measure of just how strongly you honestly feel that you can and will be, do, and have whatever it is that you want. This applies to the .400 batting average as well.

What else did Jesus say about this? Jesus said in Matthew 21:22, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Jesus said it again in Mark 9:23, If thou can believe, all things are possible to him that believes." Jesus said it again in Mark 11:24, "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, Believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."

Over and over, again and again, Jesus taught this powerful mental law. It serves as the very cornerstone of every great success philosophy, including the most powerful and effective form of sports psychology. Napoleon Hill said, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and believe, it can achieve."

Dr. Joseph Murphy said, "Your habitual thinking and imagery creates, fashions, and molds your destiny." Ralph Waldo Emerson, perhaps America's greatest philosopher said, "You become what you think about all day."

Whenever Ted Williams was asked what he wanted most out of life, Ted always said, "All I want out of life is that when I walk down the street, people will point at me and say, "There goes the greatest hitter who ever lived." Whenever Ty Cobb was asked about what he felt made him so great, Ty would tell people, "I simply have to be the best. I have to be first, number one." When Rogers Hornsby was asked the same question, he would say, "I love baseball more than anything else and want to be the best hitter in the game."

Now that you know that you can hit .400 or better, what strategy might you use to make sure you make it happen? Just HOW should you go about managing yourself to make it happen?

There are two basic strategies you can use....

One is the most productive 2-strike approach of Ty Cobb, Wee Willie Keeler, Nap Lajoie, Wade Boggs, or Tony Gwynn. You go with the pitch, use the entire field, and become a master at place hitting line drives or hard ground balls where the fielders can't get them. Here you are choosing precision place hitting instead of power hitting. Here you can afford to not even take a stride and solidly hit any type of pitch, located anywhere in your strike zone, to any location on the field. Ty Cobb practiced this for hours.

The second strategy is the less than two strike approach used by Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and every other great power hitter. Using this approach, based on your study of a pitcher's tendencies and patterns, you use "calculated anticipation" (guessing) with less than two strikes. You look for a particular type of pitch located in a particular area of the strike zone and swing ONLY at that specific pitch. You also hit that specific pitch precisely how and where you have pre-determined to hit it. You take everything else, even when they are perfect strikes. This allows you to maximize your timing and power.

Ideally, to maximize your batting average, on base percentage, slugging average, and OPS, you will master the Less-than-two-strike approach AND the 2-strike approach and use each on the appropriate counts.

Now that you know the most effective strategies available, you devote hours every day to the mental and physical rehearsal exercises I recommend. My state of the art neuro-physical (mind-body) exercises, used in a diligent fashion, will cultivate an ever stronger level of faith or belief within you enabling you to reach your goal of hitting .400 or higher. When the vibratory frequency of your belief equals the vibratory frequency of your goal, that's when it materializes for all eyes to see.

In addition, my state of the art neuro-physical programming will create ever stronger specific mind-body blueprints of perfection for each and every type of pitch located in every part of your strike zone. Your frequent use of my state of the art neuro-physical programming leads to you experiencing your ZONE at the plate during actual games. The more you do this, the more frequently you will experience your ZONE and the more intense and amazing it will be.

Experiencing your Zone at home plate is, BY FAR, the most exciting and productive thing any hitter can possibly experience. In time, as your ZONE experiences become more frequent and increasingly more powerful, you will be hitting the ball better than you have ever imagined to be possible.

Over time, as you begin to either hit the ball hard or get a walk during virtually every plate appearance, you will naturally begin thinking and believing bigger and bigger, honestly expecting more and more. No longer will the .400 batting average be your goal. You will then begin thinking about hitting .425, .450, .475, even .500 or higher.

You may be wondering why any MLB owner would not jump at the chance to produce one or more .400 hitters in their organization. Certainly it would make the team more successful and make the fans happier. In a good and decent world, managed by good and decent people, yes, of course an owner would want as may .400 hitters as he could possibly have.

However, our world is run by criminals of the worst kind. Simply Google The Empire of the CityStates and start learning the truth. In reality, the people who control the global money supply like the Vatican, the Rothschild's, the Rockefeller's, and a few of their friends also control virtually everything else, including professional sports.

Remember, professional sports is above all else a distraction. The Ruling Elites have always used sports to distract the masses attention away from their criminal activities. For example, today in America a lot of young men can name the starting lineup of the Kansas City Royals or the San Francisco Giants yet can't name their Governor, their state's two senators, or even the vice president of the United States.

What kind of criminal activities are these Lucifer-worshiping ruling elites trying to distract us from learning about? They have intentionally created every war over the past 200 years based entirely on lies and deception. War is enormously profitable and that's why we have wars. It's all about money and control. You see, the simple truth is that 99.999% of the world's population hates war and would never start a war. That's why the ruling elites need to deceive us with false flag attacks, like the Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11, and have their media sell us the lies.

These ruling elites also totally control the energy business. More than 100 years ago Nikola Tesla discovered a way to tap into the earth's electrical energy field and furnish every human being on earth with all the FREE electrical energy they could possibly use. However, when J.P.Morgan, who was funding Tesla's research, found out that he couldn't meter this electrical energy to be paid for it, he immediately stopped Tesla's funding and tried to ruin Tesla. Most people are still unaware of this because they have been effectively distracted.

The Ruling Elites also totally control the Medical Establishment and have effectively suppressed the world's best medicine for the past 77 years by making Cannabis illegal in 1937. The cannabis plant (hemp, marijuana) has been the world's best medicine for more than 10,000 years. Google Rick Simpson and Dennis Hill. Google Cannabis Cures Cancer. Cannabis empowers the human immune system more effectively than anything ever found.

You can now find an enormous amount of research and empirical evidence showing that cannabis cures cancer, all forms of cancer, and does so more effectively than anything ever found. Virtually every life threatening disease can easily be prevented and cured with cannabis.

The Cannabis plant is also the source for the world's best Food, Fuel, Fiber, Medicine, Paper, Plastic, building materials, and thousands of other products. It is literally a trillion dollar industry being suppressed by these Ruling Elites. Most people remain unaware of all of this. These are all major crimes the ruling elites don't want you to know about. This is why they use sports to distract your attention away from learning the most profound truths about them.

The list of horrible crimes being committed against you and me are far too numerous to go over here. However, you can begin doing some homework and learn for yourself. Some may wonder just how much MLB owners have to do with all of this. In my opinion, not too much.

However, while most MLB owners are low level billionaires, they are certainly not trillionaires as are the Ruling Elites. Above all else, MLB owners all want to at least keep or preserve the wealth they currently have. While few, if any, MLB owners either know or associate with the Global Ruling Elites, they do know who they are. MLB owners know better than to rock the boat, especially if a Ruling Elite may be involved. When MLB owners realize that the Ruling elites prefer Lucifer to God, then MLB owners will make sure their baseball organizations conform to this philosophy by not promoting any pro-God form of management.

The vast majority, perhaps 99.99% of the people working in MLB organizations are totally unaware of The Ruling Elites, Lucifer, and the fact that MLB is unofficially anti-God. Most remain clueless about any of this information. Instead of doing any research themselves, they simply shake their heads in disagreement, label me a wacko, and forget about it. They have all been effectively programmed. The Illuminati loves such people.

The Ruling Elites don't want a .400 hitter in MLB because they know it would most likely be produced by someone employing powerful inner game principles, most probably involving the spiritual teachings of someone like Jesus. Remember, the Luciferians despise Jesus, his God, and anyone else who makes reference to God as being the highest form of wisdom and power in the universe. Lucifer is their god, not the God of Jesus.

What really frightens the Ruling Elites is the possibility that a good Christian man might hit .400 or higher, become enormously popular, and then start telling the truth about the criminal ruling elites. The Luciferians do not want people like you and me finding out just how awesome and capable we really are. A .400 hitter, especially one who attributes his success to the power of God, simply cannot be permitted by the Luciferians.

Therefore, to insure that baseball remains a non-threatening distraction, the Ruling Elites insist on allowing only MLB ownership that is sensitive to their situation. While MLB owners may not be directly involved in the Illuminati's Global criminal activity, MLB owners know better than to do anything that might make these evil trillionaires angry. MLB owners know they can be easily crushed.

Therefore, to insure parity and mediocrity, to just do enough to keep the fans coming to the park, watching on TV, and buying the hats and T-shirts, owners hire some of the most uneducated and unsophisticated people they can find to manage their organizations. It's essentially a monkey-see-monkey-do culture that continues to do things pretty much the same way, year after year. Every MLB organization operates very much the same way. In my opinion, the fact that we have not seen a .400 hitter in MLB since 1941 clearly proves the existence of this all-pervading managerial incompetence in MLB today.

A steady supply of .400 hitters can be produced right now. However, until the Lucifer worshipping Illuminati loosens its grip from around the throats of MLB ownership, you won't see any. Check out the video below to see many of the world's most powerful people using the Luciferian hand sign, the horns of Baphomet, signifying their allegiance to Lucifer or Satan.

World Leaders using Satanic hand sign


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