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Jeff Hardy of the Hardy Boys Leaves The WWE!

Updated on September 1, 2016
Jeff Hardy, Champion
Jeff Hardy, Champion
An injured Jeff is escorted from the ring on a stretcher.
An injured Jeff is escorted from the ring on a stretcher.

Devastating news to hardcore Hardy fans!

Jeff Hardy has become one of the most respected athletes produced by the WWE. His amazing skill is only surpassed by his perfect creativity. Throes of fans can't possibly be wrong that this man is truly a one of a kind. We can only thank him for sharing some of his talent and passion with us and watch in awe as he performs. Wrestling fans everywhere are saddened by the decision of Hardy to leave the WWE. With the sadness comes a kind of guilt. You know the kind - when you trap a butterfly in your hands so you can observe the beauty even though you know if you hold him too long he wont be able to fly anymore. You feel guilty for wanting to keep his beauty for yourself even though he can make so many more people smile if he can just fly!

His real-life brother Matt posted a very emotional blog thanking Jeff for his hard work and promising to be the best he can be in honor of his brother. In it he mentions that Jeff suffers from two herniated disks in his back, restless leg syndrome, and neck injuries. It's a wonder with all the insane stunts Jeff has done that he doesn't have more debilitating injuries on top of these. His decision to leave will help him to get healthy and address his injuries.

There have been rumors as well that Jeff is trying to pick up a reality show. Take it as it comes because those rumors haven't been confirmed yet. The Hardy's have a reality show they push online called The Hardy Show, which follows the boys and friends through their real life, much to the amusement of fans. Jeff is also the front-man for the band Peroxwhy?gen. He is a poet and an artist. But most importantly, he is a fan favorite. Jeff Hardy will be sorely missed in the WWE. TLC matches just wont be the same without him.

On a much more personal note, I was one of the people who was completely saddened and a little upset when I heard the news. After a moment I felt really angry at myself for being so completely selfish. Here is this man breaking his back every night for my entertainment and I have the audacity to get upset when he decides enough is enough. What I should be doing is thanking him for giving his all to people like me each and every night. I am very happy that he is finally doing something for himself because he deserves a break. Anyone else who thinks he doesn't deserve it simply isn't a true fan.

Is a Return Possible?

As of this writing, Jeff Hardy is presently wrestling for the promotion TNA. There have been many rumors circulating the web saying that he and his brother Matt are in negotiations with the WWE for a Hardy Boys return. Only time will tell if these rumors have merit or if they are the product of wishful thinking by devoted Hardy Boys fans.

Do you think Jeff Hardy made the right choice by leaving the WWE?

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  • profile image

    ALI 6 years ago


  • poet83 profile image

    Brian Lawson 6 years ago from Windsor, Va.

    I hate that Jeff Hardy left the WWE! This was a good hub, though! Voted up!

  • profile image

    michael moreno 6 years ago

    jeff hardy is my bestes fan in wwe i want him too come back too wwe smackdown please come to duggestway I will pay 100,000,000,000$ for him to come back too wwe smack down in mimi florida.

    dear:michael moreno


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