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Jenko Rip Knocker 75 - Lipless Crank Bait Lure Review

Updated on August 18, 2017

Jenko Rip Knocker 75 - Lipless Crank Bait - "Blue N Silver"

First Impressions - Quality Bait, With Quality Components

My first impression of this bait, was that it was going to be an absolute fish-catching machine - and I was right. The highly detailed paint finishes, and the quality components, make this bait my first choice in lip less cranks. There was also a few additional qualities I liked - one being that is makes a unique sound with it's "one knocker" rattle, and second it's not as heavy as the other lip less cranks, or rattle traps on the market - which makes the bait for versatile.

Where & When To Use This Bait

Lipless cranks generally excel when bass relate to shallow, open water. Thus, Spring and Fall are the best times to toss this bait. It has a tight wobble, which means it mimics a variety of prey that big bass love, like: shad, blue gill, and if the right color profile is chosen - even crawdads.

I love to fish this bait in open water, either ticking it off a rocky bottom, or ripping it thru grass and lite cover. Many of this fish I catch, come after I've essentially "hung" the bait in weeds, and use my rod-tip to "rip" it thru cover. This truly is a great way to catch them.

When the time comes, you can also fish these cranks in cooler, deeper waters and use a "yo-yo" technique. Lift your rod-tip up and down, and let your bait fall on a semi-slack, or full-slack line. This retrieve will make your bait mimic a dying shad, fleeing baitfish or even a crawfish. The subtle wobble and sound, followed by quick fall of the bait, will trigger lethargic bass.

Rip Knocker 75 - Lipless Crank Bait - "Ricochet"


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