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Jerry Angelo does something right!

Updated on March 2, 2008

Jerry Angelo, the Chicago Bears General Manager finally did something right since the NFL free agency period started late last Thursday evening. On Saturday he lost is #1 wide receiver in Bernard Berrian, who was signed away by the Division rival Minnesota Vikings who signed him to a contract which I feel was way too much money for the talent level that they received in Berrian. Berrian is fast, but his hands, blocking ability, and route running is not worth the six-year, $42 million contract that also includes $16 million in guaranteed money. If Angelo would have signed him for the Bears to a contract at this level, I would have gagged on my own tongue.

I know that many Bears fans will disagree with me concerning Berrian, and say that he was a huge loss to the organization. I say good riddence! I also believe that Mark Bradley, who the coaches did not use properly or enough last season, will step up and take over for Berrian without missing a beat. I also think he has better hands, runs better routes, and can block better as well. Though he might not be as fast as Berrian, he might if even, be only one step behind. So in the long run, losing Berrian was a very good thing for the Bears.

But the best news of all is that the Bears resigned Lance Briggs, the pro-bowl outside linebacker that everyone and their grandmothers, including myself thought for sure that he was gone and would sign elsewhere. This was great news for bears fans. Briggs is a very important cog in the Bears defensive schemes and a big on field partner for Brian Urlacher, the Bears pro-Bowl Middle Linebacker. As much as I said in a previous article that Jamar Williams or Mike Okwo could fill in admirably for Briggs, they are unproven and having Briggs signed is a big relief.

Briggs signed a six year deal reportedly worth $36 million. Briggs was one of the most coveted free agents available out there. Briggs ranked second on the Bears last season with 140 tackles, and had a team-leading 10 tackles for a loss. Only Urlacher had more total tackles for the Bears. Briggs said “I’m extremely happy about it,” I’m happy to return to the team that I started my career with.” Briggs agent, Drew Rosenhaus said Briggs was very close to signing with the Redskins and had a lot of interest from the Packers, the Saints, and the Buccaneers. But Angelo got it done for the Bears. Now the only question is if he can aquire some offensive line help and what he does in the draft. At this point though things are looking up and a lot less bleak then they were yesterday!


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