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What Do Fans And Sports Analysts Have To Say About The New York Jets Trade For Tim Tebow?

Updated on March 26, 2012

The New York Jets were one of the NFL's biggest disappointments last season (2011/2012), despite bold claims from the coach, Rex Ryan that his team was going to win the Super Bowl in 2012, the Jets failed to make the playoffs. They finished the season with a record of 8 wins and 8 losses, including a loss to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Much of the blame for the team's failures last season was directed towards young quarterback Mark Sanchez, who was openly feuding with wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

Even Rex Ryan had to admit that his team's locker room chemistry was a concern last season, saying he lost the pulse of the locker room and vowed to change after they spiraled out of the playoffs last season. It seemed as if the Jets were well on their way to righting the ship when they extended an olive branch to Mark Sanchez, offering him a 3 year contract extension, and making a statement that he is without a doubt the Jets starting quarterback. Just a few weeks later, they trade for Tim Tebow, destroying any progress they may have made in taking the pressure off Sanchez, and totally undermined any attempt in showing confidence in the man they still insist is their starter.

The acquisition of Tim Tebow has sparked a firestorm of controversy, with many around the NFL questioning The Jets motive for signing a player who seems to bring a media circus with him wherever he goes. The Jets are being accused of making the move as more of a publicity stunt, designed to help them with marketing jerseys and tickets, as apposed to winning football games. The overwhelming majority of players, former players, coaches and media personalities agree that the move makes very little sense from a football perspective.

Mark Sanchez is expected to start the season with Tebowmania breathing down his neck, and surely there will be unrelenting pressure. The odds on Sanchez holding the starting position for the entire season are not favorable, as most people expect Tebow to take over as soon as The Jets start losing. Judging by comments from current and former Jets, the players are a little shocked by the move, and stand behind Sanchez as their starter. Tim Tebow's arrival in The Big Apple has the potential to destroy the Jets chemistry and send the team in to a tailspin that may take years to recover from.

What Are People Saying About The Jets Acquisition Of Tim Tebow?

"I don't think they know what they're doing over there right now. … I'm baffled. They're kind of mixed up over there. I'm talking about the folks that are making the decisions. … Come on. This is crazy. I don't know what it's about. It appears the Jets are trying to grab headlines once again just by making noise." - Joe Namath (Former Jets QB)

"Let us be clear: Tim Tebow's arrival in New York is a complete joke. It's a move so ridiculous, one could laugh openly, if only it were anyone but the New York Jets
." - Stephen Smith (ESPN)

"Tim Tebow is to the NFL, what Anna Kournikova is to tennis" - Anonymous

"People took it as me dissing Tebow. I never dissed Tebow. I just said we don't need him on our team because Mark (Sanchez) is our quarterback." -
Antonio Cromartie (Jets CB)

"How many times has a backup quarterback had a press conference? How many times have there been helicopters to meet a backup quarterback at the airport? The organization is saying he’s the backup quarterback. Well, then why do you feel like you have to have a press conference? Why not just do a conference call and call it a day? It’s a marketing ploy."- Damian Woody (former Jet)

“His IQ as a football player is not very good. That is why they have to come down and make it some of a college-form system that he’s comfortable with in Florida. He can’t execute, from a cerebral aspect, a pro-style system.”
Merril Hodge (ESPN analyst and former NFL RB)

Good luck Mark! - Kyle Orton

“Tim Tebow is probably the hardest guy in history to try to build an offense around and win consistently in the NFL. It’s almost impossible to do. That’s how bad his throwing arm is.” - Mike Francesca (WFAN)

“Now the Jets have two high-profile quarterbacks who can’t throw. Plus Drew Stanton. God help them. But I guess that’s the idea, right?” - Joe Benigno (WFAN)

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      Author 5 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok

      Skip Bayless sounds like a television evangelist that has been smoking crack, it will be interesting to see how all this plays out, I can't wait to hear the comments now, and then compare them all at the end of the season.