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Joe D: Defining A Basketball Genius

Updated on August 9, 2012

In just few words, Dumars was one of a kind.

The former Piston great excelled at the highest levels of basketball no matter what obstacles were presented to him during the games, in the wake of his physical capabilities not meeting the standards of a prototypical NBA athlete.

Evaluating Joe's game in the warm-up drills from an athletic standpoint, in addition to his sharpshooting expertise, might decipher what potential his ceiling would reach as a player. Fine player at best most would have predicted.

Dumars is almost a reminiscent of former teammate, 'the microwave' Vinnie Johnson. Players who are not renowned for their physical intangibles, lacking the foot speed and leaping ability. Vinnie was a fine offensive spark plug, but was no All-Star.

Dumars is a remarkable example of a player who bested, perhaps cheated his athletic shortcomings and liabilities, thus, leaping his frame (6'3) to a level far beyond, after venturing six All-Star appearances and one of the main key contributors behind the two championship rings with Detroit, and was named MVP for the 1989 NBA finals.

verifying the 'it' factor effect in Dumars, Correlates an unparalleled IQ with an uncanny knack for sensing and making the right plays in any situation; leaving the opposing teams defenses in complete disarray, whether mastering the art form of laying the ball in the hoop after slithering his way without the ball (cutting off screens) to the basket, or hovering around looking for a shot until finding and nailing the unlikeliest of shots, or the numerous times when feeling good about a 3-point made, Dumars would return to the exact same spot behind the arc knowing a few more of those can be converted in a row, obtained a tremendous feel for the game.

Not for his defense to completely be outdone by his offense. According to Michael Jordan's own words, "Dumars was the best defender I ever faced". Earning All-Defensive first team accolades four times. Just a versatile all around talent.

Possessing this immense prowess can't be trained nor taught, zooming far beyond attaining great fundamentals, coupled with insane skill-sets and athleticism to boot. Some whispers in the dark declare Dumars as a 6'3 version of Larry Bird, and they are not out of touch by any means.


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