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Jog up

Updated on October 16, 2012

Jogging is a form of trotting where one’s motion is described in such a slow phase. In these state, you set yourself in a steady position where you could go far conserving much of your stamina. You have to maintain your breathing properly as you’re between the boundaries of walking and running. If by the point you go beyond just a run, you would come to a sprint.

The term “jog” has no clear origin but many believe that it came from the word “shog”. It has no firm background but most assume that it has been part of man’s history. Looking back, it has been an activity that some have come to enjoy. Many cling to scenes that long ago, people have jogged their way to towns and places there may be. And, it’s just as it is so as ancient runners often jog to condition their body with it.

People who do this kind of exercise are known as joggers. They are the ones you see moving with arms leveled on their chest when you’re in a bench sitting looking at the green grass around on parks. They are the ones with head phones on their ears connected on the iphone they wore much on their pockets during your break outside. They are the ones with jogging pants wiggling all the way. And, you may be one as well. They are much common views in nature-friendly places as parks and oval.

This activity has no limit by the time you would want to go for it. You could do it any hour of the day. You have the option apparently for the moment spent with it. It goes well with a clear path for you to keep track so at night wouldn’t be that much agreeable. As long as there is the sun shining you can go for the road. Much to having your body on shape, you would also get the additional benefit of vitamin D on you. At first you should check for the heat first. The sun’s radiance may be good for the skin but beyond fine and you can have your skin to greet you unpleasantly. For most people, daybreak is usually the time they would plan. They prefer to see the sunrise as they jog their way to the finish.

Before jogging, an important activity must be first set into action. You got to plan for it of course and you got to decide whether you want it or not. Beside this, character must go as well. Courage must be brought inside you. You could have fears preventing you from the activity so facing them requires a firm stand. This must be shown up more when you want daybreak to have the fun on it to be taken with. It is a challenge to get up as you could agree as a fact. By this, you would most likely want to sleep more so be brave to rise. Set your body in condition. You don’t want to surprise your bod, you know. You should avoid this as much possible. You could be forcing yourself to shift form a condition wrongly. It’s just not the way you would like it properly. This part is the warm up period. You’re aim is to wake up your sleeping muscles to performance level. This is where contraction takes place. A mistake that most beginners in jogging make is that they often forgot this activity as they are on the thrill to get into action immediately. You don’t strecth here as it would only make you tiresome. Considering a stretch may come in an unlikely result. An example of a warm-up exercise is the Jogging in place. Also, don’t forget to count. The usual goes from 1 to 8 and the count in reverse after for a total of 16. Five minutes of warm up is cool enough for preparation period or when you feel it so. Getting your body ready or set is a recommendation that experts and many do encourage.

When you’re finally in the road, here are some stuffs to consider. These are things you would want to know for the hobby. First to see is the distance. How many meters or kilometers are we talking? You wouldn’t want it to be too long or then, again too short. You got to make sure your body can handle or by the means save as much energy you can. You can bring any mineral water if you feel of recharging. You have to check your route the same. Next is the round. How many time do you plan to go for the track? Would you go again twice? By certain, you would start to identify stuffs nearby. Third is the Time. How many minutes or hours do you want? An estimate on the clock is a nice thing to do before leaving the house. It’s easy to approximate its hands on your way outside or simply just bring a watch to make sure. You want the coolest experience you can get for the moments spent as sure so take insights by its elements.

When you got the sense out of jogging, you probably can see shifts on your body. Your heart beats have raised up. You’re more warm. You’re more awake. You’re breathing have changed for the job and you appreciate more the neighborhood. And you feel yourself slowly settling down, you’re on the stretching phase. It’s quite opposite to warm up. You contract muscles on warm up but do a stretch on here. Just the simple walk after the jog is part of it. They say you become taller with it and you may have fit yourselves on those jeans you’ve been dreaming in regards.

Many nowadays, get into this kind of activity. Their frequent go with it have made it such of a Habit. They have used to the scene that it may be considered a hobby for them. Even better is if you have a dog beside you on the way. They say that it’s at the start when you would need a leap to going further. The two weeks when you start it would be hard until you’re body have adopt. A day of rest per week is what should be done accordingly for you have to regulate your body back to recovery from a daily jog. Two days usually sound better as long as you know when to settle down. This applies for beginners for the most part. The first day is a challenge and tomorrow would be twice as much if ever to be regular is their goal. Professionals or long-termed athletes also implies the scenario after a lengthy duration.

“The more the merrier”, this old saying implies to jogging. Try to have companions. Friends are good motivations. Having a healthy body goes right for a better goal even along ones you merely know. On these occasions, fun runs or jogs for a cause are considerable. All around the country they are present and participants grow. It’s an interesting activity that anybody can join as you could be running by K’s as 1k, 5k, or 10k depending on the specifications. They aim on a better output as their cause could be for renovations, to help an orphanage or renew the environment. You would be giving yourself a thumbs up for a you on another level up and funds for benefit. You not only get your body healthy but gain friends along the way. Have fun Jogging!


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    • Leaderofmany profile image

      Leaderofmany 6 years ago from Back Home in Indiana

      Good hub, start jogging and it is a great way to relieve stress and start day off right.