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Johny Hendricks VS Georges St-Pierre: Match Prediction

Updated on October 4, 2013

Georges St-Pierre Highlights

Georges St-Pierre VS Carlos Condit

Johny Hendricks VS Georges St-Pierre: When Is It Happening

As of now there has been no definite date set for Hendricks VS St-Pierre. However, the chances are good that the fight will happen by the end of this year. There are sources that say that the UFC's welterweight champion will be defending his title against Hendricks in either August or September. However, as there is no definite date set for the bout, it could happen in October, November or December, but so far it looks as if August or September is when the fight will likely occur.

Why The Wait For Hendricks VS St-Pierre

St-Pierre has an acting role that he is doing, so he will be ready to fight once he has completed his filming obligations. Hendricks said that he has no problems with this because he knows he is the next in line to get the shot at the welterweight title.

Johny Hendricks And Georges St-Pierre's Skills Compared

The Fighters' Takedown Skills

Hendricks is a superior wrestler, and his takedown skills are matched by no other fighter. However, that may be put to the test when Hendricks VS St-Pierre does take place, because the welterweight champion is often considered to have the best takedown skills in the UFC. Many UFC fans consider St-Pierre to have the best takedown skills in the entire UFC, and placing Hendricks as number two. Once the St-Pierre VS Hendricks fight takes place, the world will find out who has the better takedown skills.

The Fighters' Stand-Up

St-Pierre can pack a big punch, but judging from past fights, it is safe to say that Hendricks packs an even bigger and harder punch, which means that Hendricks stand-up appears to be a few levels up than St-Pierre's stand-up skills. However, St-Pierre has proved time and time again that he can take punches from the best of them, while Hendricks cannot take punches as good as St-Pierre can, judging from both fighters' past fights.

The Fighters' Submission Skills

When it comes to submission, it is probably safe to say that the two fighters are almost equal, but St-Pierre's submission skills appear to be slightly better than Hendrick's submission skills.


When it comes to speed it looks as if St-Pierre is a little bit faster than Hendricks. When St-Pierre VS Hendricks takes place, then UFC fans can expect to see St-Pierre moving a bit quicker than Hendricks.

Georges St-Pierre VS Jonhy Hendricks Match Prediction

Round One

This will be a slow moving fight for the first minute or two of the round. By that, I mean that it is likely that the two fighters will be wary of one another and will exchange a few punches, kicks and maybe a couple of takedown attempts will occur. However, I think Hendricks will be the one to gain confidence and will start to dominate St-Pierre in the last half of the first round. Hendricks will throw some great punches that connect, and he will even take St-Pierre down a few times, demonstrating his amazing takedown skills. I think when Hendricks VS St-Pierre takes place, then the first round of this particular fight will be the toughest one that the welterweight champion has ever had to do.

Round Two

St-Pierre will be more on a defensive strategy than an offensive one, and this is when he will make a comeback. I predict that Hendricks will attempt to take St-Pierre down, but the champion will block the attempt and end up taking Hendricks down, and keeping him on the ground for a minute or so. I expect that St-Pierre will try to keep Hendricks down on the ground for much of round two, but not without Hendricks fighting back and delivering punches with some serious power, regardless of him being on the ground. If this happens, then expect St-Pierre to be phased by Hendricks' punches.

Round Three

It is likely that Hendricks will not want to spend any more time on his back, and this is when he launches everything he has, resulting in St-Pierre to go all out. However, Hendricks will catch the welterweight champion with one too many punches, and will send St-Pierre down to the mat, where the referee will call the fight. This will result in Hendricks becoming the new welterweight champion.


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