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Jon Bones Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson Part II: Prediction

Updated on May 5, 2014

Jon Bones Jones


Alexander Gusafsson


Jon Bones Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson II

There is a match that will be happening in the future, and this match could be one of the most anticipated rematches that the UFC has ever had. The match is Alexander Gustafsson vs Jon Bones Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title.

Jones defended his title against Gustafsson in the past, and to date Gustafsson has been the only fighter in the UFC to have come very close to beating Jones for the title. Gustafsson will have a second chance to try to defeat Jones for the title.

The fight will be scheduled for five rounds, just as it was the last time Gustafsson and Jones met in the octagon. The rest of this Hub will predict the bout, breaking it down round-by-round.

Round One

Round one could be an aggressive round for both Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Bones Jones. The last time they fought, the match went the full five rounds, and both of them may want to make a powerful statement in their next fight.

The round will likely start off with many strikes being thrown by both Gustafsson and Jones. Jones will be throwing kicks, punches and elbows from all directions, and often too. Gustafsson on the other hand will probably attempt to get close to Jones and strike him at a close distance, and he will mix things up and strike Jones from a distance.

Ultimately, both fighters will survive the round, but this round will be one of the more intense rounds, as it will likely be non-stop action involving what seems to be endless striking from both Jones and Gustafsson.

Winner Of Round One: Tie

Round Two

Round two will be another round of aggressiveness from both ends, but the difference is they will probably not go all out as they did in round one. The battle in round two will be a lot of back and forth action, instead of both Alexander and Jon exchanging strikes at the same time. For example, expect Jones to be aggressive with his striking, but also expect him to back off in order to catch his breath.

When Jones tries to catch his breath, he will need to worry about Gustafsson aggressively pursuing him with his own strikes. Gustafsson will also need to catch his breath and this is when Jones will start returning more strikes. The round will more or less go this way the entire five minutes.

Winner of round two: Jon Bones Jones

Round Three

Think Jones is going to be the aggressor in this round? Think again, because by round three Alexander Gustafsson is going to bring things to a brand new level. This will be a level that will overwhelm Jones.

Expect to see Gustafsson going for many takedowns, most will be successful. Jones will find himself on the ground for much of round three, but he will display some decent ground defense skills, but he will be in jeopardy of losing the bout if he does not adequately defend himself against Gustafsson. Jones will survive this round, but he will barely make it through.

Winner of round three: Alexander Gustafsson

Round Four

Round four is an important round for Jones because if round three goes as predicted, he is going to need to get some points in this round. The question is, after taking the punishment he would have possibly have taken in round three, will he have it in him to make a major comeback and put Gustafsson on the defensive?

Jones will not attempt takedowns, because Gustafsson is too good at blocking them and capitalizing on failed attempts. Jones will try to get Gustafsson against the cage, strike him and then do his best to back him into the cage repeatedly.

Jones will succeed in doing this, but the chances are Gustafsson will land some heavy knee strikes in the process, enough to make sure that Jones feels it and needs to back away from him. When Jones backs away, Gustafsson will land some more strikes before being pushed back into the cage.

Winner of round four: tie

Round Five

Round five is the most crucial round yet, as both fighters need this round if they want to walkout as the champ. Jones will be more aggressive than usual, as will Gustafsson.

Round five will belong to Gustafsson, as he will overwhelm Jones with a barrage of strikes, both punches and kicks. A few kicks will connect, send Jones to the ground, and Gustafsson will go for the finish, which he will succeed at.

Winner of round five: Alexander Gustafsson

The Conclusion: Alexander Gustafsson Becomes The New Champ

Alexander Gustafsson will leave as the new UFC Light Heavyweight champion, but after a long and hard fought battle with Jon Bones Jones.

Opponents Gustafsson And Jones Has Defeated

Opponents Jones Has Defeated
Opponents Gustafsson Has Defeated
Rashad Evans
James Te-Huna
Lyoto Machida
Mauricio Rua
Chael Sonnen
Matt Hamill
Vitor Belfort
Vladimir Matyushenko

Jon Bones Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson Highlights

Jones vs Gustafsson II: Who Wins

Jones vs Gustafsson II: Who Will Win?

See results

Jon Bones Jones vs Alexander II will take place sometime in the future, and fans will need to tune into the fight to find out who will walkout as the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. It is expected to be one of the best rematches that the UFC has ever had.

Note: this entire article is based on opinion and prediction.


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