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Jon-E Hand Warmer

Updated on March 18, 2011

The original old time hand warmer for keeping your hands nice and toasty even in the coldest of days is the Jon-E handwarmer. Unlike many of the modern chemical handwarmers that are one time use or only last for a short while before needing to be boiled and recharged, the Jon-E handwarmer runs off of fuel and lasts for hours on end.

Although you initially lite the wick, the Jon-E is actually a flameless handwarmer. After liting it you simply place it in it's sack and then put it in a coat pocket where it will stay hot for several hours on just one fueling.

Many swear by Jon-E and scoring a vintage one is a prized posession since the old time models seem to work better than the new ones. 

How To Lite A Jon-E

 To get your Jon-E hand warmer started is pretty straight forward:

1. Remove the cap from the unit.

2. Remove the wick by gently pulling on the sides or working it back and forth from side to side being carefull not to touch the actual wick or bend the metal pieces.

3. Slowly and carefully fill the hand warmer with Jon-E brand hand warmer fuel by pouring it into the hand warmer where the cotton looking material is. Make sure not to spill any or overfill the warmer.

4. Place the wick back onto the hand warmer.

5. Lite the wick with a kitchen lighter or match and let it burn for a awhile, it will have a large flame during this time so you want to have it on a clean open surface.

6. After a minute or two blow out the flame, if you look closely at the wick you will see that it is glowing red hot. This is normal and means that your handwarmer is ready to use.

7. Place the cap back on the Jon-E and then place it in the bag. It's important that you put it back in the bag since this will help limit the air flow and keep the hand warmer from getting to hot.


Video On How To Lite a Jon-E Warmer


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    • profile image

      zupan 3 years ago

      Could someone please help me remember how to stop the jon-e warmer from heating up/put it out. Do I just remove the wick cap from the fluid reservoir until it cools down? I lost my instructions & haven't used it in a couple years. Please help me remember!

    • profile image

      cd 4 years ago

      I've had luck with denatured alcohol.

    • profile image

      maihem 6 years ago

      Sorry to not get this all in one post. I use smaller 4 oz. containers with a flip top that I marked 1 oz. increments. Usually fill 1 oz. at a time and just leave it in my jacket pocket till it goes out on its own...6-8 hours. Have gone up to 1 1/2 ounce but much more than that will expand when hot and leak fluid all over your pocket...not so easy on the newer materials. Have never really cared about putting one out but yes, the original instructions say to put it in a plastic bag or between the cushions of a couch. I did learn a lesson on leaving one going on a wood coffee table, it discolored the finish...luckily my wife was guilty of that one and not me.

    • profile image

      maihem 6 years ago

      Use Camp Stove Fuel...AKA: White Gas or Naphtha.

    • outdoorjunkie profile image

      outdoorjunkie 7 years ago from California

      No I wouldn't get it wet. Just cut off the oxygen supply completely.

      You could pop off the wick with a screwdriver or something but be cautioned you could get burned touching it.

    • profile image

      Vinnie 7 years ago

      So how did you finally extinguish the wick, throw water on it? And after, say an hour, how do you put it out? Dunk it in the sink?

    • outdoorjunkie profile image

      outdoorjunkie 7 years ago from California


      That's right, I forgot about using naptha.

    • profile image

      bill 7 years ago

      use naptha

    • profile image

      OutdoorJunkie 7 years ago

      I'm not sure if you can use kerosene or not, I don't think so. If you watch the above video they use regular "resonol" brand lighter fluid that is regularly available at your local drug store (in the US).

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      Will carasene work as fuel?