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Jonathan Toews vs Derek Jeter

Updated on June 17, 2015

Jonathan Toews is only 27 years old and has already accomplished so much in his young spectacular career. He's been there with the Blackhawks as they have won their third Stanley Cup title in six years turning the franchise into a dynasty. It is without a doubt that Toews could be easily on his way to Hall of Fame at the pace he is going now and still appears to be entering his prime. With all the success that he's already had, he is now being compared to former Yankees Captain Derek Jeter as being "the Derek Jeter of hockey." Jonathan Toews is great but it is difficult to any player in any sport to be compared to a player like Derek Jeter but when you look at their career paths, especially during the beginning, there really is no difference between the two. Derek Jeter has already retired and is now considered a legend while Jonathan Toews is still young so he still has a long way to go. Here is how the two captains compare to one another.

Young Talents

Derek Jeter was drafted by the New York Yankees in 1992 as the sixth overall pick. He went straight out of high school into the pros as an 18 year old.

Jonathan Toews was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks in 2006 as the third overall pick. He came over from Canada at the age of 20.

Championships and Awards

Jonathan Toews is only 27 and has already claimed his third Stanley Cup title in just nine years after being drafted. He has won two gold medals with Canada during the Olympics in 2010 and 2014, three straight gold medals at the world junior championships in 2006, 2007, and 2008, and helped Canada win the gold medal at the 2007 world championship.

Derek Jeter won three World Series titles in his first five years of his career by the age of 25. Jeter went on to finish his career with five World Series titles to his name. He also has won the World Series MVP, an All-Star game MVP, rookie of the year, and several gold glove awards.

Successful Coaches

Derek Jeter came into the league and played under manager Joe Torre with who he won four of his five titles with and turned the franchise into a dynasty during the 90's. Jeter played under Torre for twelve seasons before Torre left the Yankees and Joe Girardi took over who Jeter won his last title with.

Jonathan Toews came into the league and played under Joel Quenneville who wanted the Blackhawks to draft Toews when it was time. Toews has played his entire career thus far under Quenneville and together they have won three Stanley Cup titles turning the franchise into a dynasty.

Core Four

Jeter came up to the Yankees as part of the core four, that is if you don't include Bernie Williams. The group consisted of him, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettitte. Jeter retired last season and was the last one standing of the group.

The Blackhawks have a core four of their own in Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, and Patrick Kane. All were drafted by the Blackhawks and have been there for all three Stanley Cup titles.


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Both have won championships.

Both are captains of their teams and lead by example.

Both were mature at a very young age.

Both are well-respected by teammates, coaches, fans, and opponents.

Both are future Hall of Famers.

Jonathan Toews is clearly making a name for himself with all the success he has already had. He is still young and with the Blackhawks appearing to be on top of the NHL still, we can expect to see more success added to his resume. Derek Jeter has already made a name for himself long ago and is considered a legend. He is a first ballot Hall of Famer and is considered one of the greatest players ever not just in the history of baseball, but in all of sports. It is only a matter of time until we see Jonathan Toews right up there as his future seems to get only brighter.


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