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Jonesing Already For My Football

Updated on March 19, 2011

Jonesing Already For My Football

I know that it is not time yet to go full blown into panic mode, but even the breakdown of negotiations between the football owners and the Players’ Union are cutting close and too close for comfort for me. Being from the Eastern Caribbean, it took a long time for me to be weaned off Cricket, which was then replaced by American football. Where I am from, when an addict is yearning for a fix, we call it ‘jonesing’ and that is what I am feeling now – at least the onset. My friends would say that I should be happy for the lockout because my favorite team, the Oakland Raiders, have been bad for so long. But I am no fair weather fan… so no matter how bad the Raiders are playing, I will still be an avid supporter.

Not everyone in my house is mad that there might not be football in the coming season; my better half couldn't careless, which to me is not only an affront, but it is akin to secular blaspheme. I supposed I now know how my wife would feel if the Lifetime movie channel - where the standard typical program is to present us men in the most unflattering of light - were to be off the air for a prolong time. Football to me is the ultimate chauvinistic game: it is played by men and you are hit like how men hit each other; it is that warrior game where the fairer sex would never be part of. Football cements, to me, the difference between the two sexes and no specious argument can challenge that truism.

Yes, I know that it is pure greed between the two sides – where millionaires are squawking with billionaires over how to divvy up $9 billion in revenues, yet I am not taking sides because there is so much to be had by both sides. I would say that the owners shouldn't have said that they were looking out for the players’ welfare… intimating that they were negotiating in good faith and then refusing to open their books to prove said good faith negotiation. I already missed my football even though the season just ended; and while I am on the subject, I want to publicly to put in a request and ask Jesus to let there be a settlement, and moreover, to show my Silver & Black, Raiders, favor in the coming seasons. Now I have to go and apologize to my wife by channeling Henry Kissinger for disrespecting the Lifetime movie channel.


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