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Panama papers hanging over the relationship between Messi and Barcelona

Updated on April 4, 2016

After disclosure "documents Panama" Messi became Barcelona star at bay may affect his relationship with Barcelona mode.

Given the past, there now is a common denominator between Messi and Beckenbauer Hoeness on the media hype about the documents and signatures and tax fraud.

The last weekend sad for the Argentine Lionel Messi (28 years), the myth of Barcelona and the best player in the world five times. What almost pass 24 hours on the loss 1-2 at the "Camp Nou" in front of arch-rivals Real Madrid in the Spanish league on Saturday (second from April / May) it came up "documents Panama" scandal, doubling sorrows Messi and add a new episode in the soap opera with Tax evasion.

Scandal "documents Panama", was launched from a huge investigative journalism conducted by the International Group for journalists investigative, known as (icij) and revealed the names of many of the characters, who own the companies in some places that are distinctive tax treatment, including politicians from all over the world, and also appeared, including superstar Lionel Messi's name.

"Huge star company"

According to the newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" German One investigator in the documents of Panama "fake company" or what is known as "mailbox company" has been discovered, said that Macy's owns half, currently managed by the law firm "Musak Fonseca," which gets a fee against the management of such "phantom companies", and is the fourth largest law firm in the world in this regard, depending on the location, "Fox," German. And manages office "Musak Fonseca" in Panama alone, 300 thousand companies of this kind, and is active in 42 countries around the world and operates 600 office users.

It is interesting that the name of Messi combined company named "Mega Star Anterebezs," and "Mega Star" in Arabic means a massive star or a huge, and the fact that currently Messi in world football is the star of stars and Ostahm. The document of the Panama dating back to 2013 and says that Messi and his father Jorge possess that company. Only now it was not disclosed document.

According to Spanish media he has hit Macy and his intense anger of those leaks Messi and he with his father on Monday (the fourth of April / May) to submit a formal complaint against the International Group for journalists investigative, considering where they feel as if he has Tarathma.

Is the relationship Messi Barcelona affected?

Documentation Panama scandal is not the first facing Messi, four years ago and the investigation is ongoing with the player on the subject of taxes. As it had to pay 15 million euros accrued late tax administration, though this did not hurt his relationship with Barcelona and did not affect the level of sports, according to the German Spiegel site. "Barcelona club officials Mnsaon the little genius", as I wrote last year, Spiegel magazine. "

Even after the appearance of documents Panama does not have a Macy's any concern that this affects his relationship with Barcelona. Catalan club has announced full support for the beloved star, according to the newspaper "Tajs Spiegel" the German said.

Barcelona begin on 31 May / May next Messi and his father trial on charges of committing three crimes of tax in the period between 2007 and 2009, due to evasion of 4.1 million euros. Messi and his father is accused of concealing the proceeds of the rights of publicity, through the use of a network of companies outside Spain, especially in Uruguay, Belize, located in the north of Central America.

Messi, the common denominator with senior Germany

Spanish IRS demanding the right player to imprisonment for a period of 7 months. But it is not expected to be sentenced to imprisonment. Even if sentenced to imprisonment it is likely to be suspended, contrary to what happened with Uli Hoeness former president of Bayern Munich, who remained in prison for 21 months for tax evasion before being released last February.

Although Lionel Messi said that is not related to the management of fiscal and financial transactions its own, the prosecutor insisted on being charged, unlike the Public Prosecutor's Office, which found an excuse for the player focused on the accusations of his father. Messi has been questioned by the tax once said about the accusations that his father is in charge of financial matters, and that (Lionel) sign off on everything his father says.

There are similarities in how to handle Messi and the myth of the German Emperor Franz Beckenbauer (70 years) with documents and signatures. Bankenpaor was president of the organizing committee for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. After the disclosure of documents accuses Germany purchased the right to organize the World Cup, Beckenbauer was answering questions from journalists that as head of the organizing committee was always sign off on everything submitted to him, without reading the content.



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