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Jump higher exercises

Updated on August 1, 2011

There are number of sports which require players to have the ability to jump high such as volley ball, basket ball etc.Most people are tall and are able to compensate for this but for those who are short they obviously can not control their height but can definitely control and increase their vertical jump.

Warm up

Is very essential before you start your workout to warm up, you can do light jogging or walking and stretches like hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch.

Hamstring stretch: Lie flat on you back,place put your hands behind the thigh and keep knee slightly bent slowly move your leg such that your foot faces the ceiling once this position is obtained try to straighten your knee. Initially you might not be able to do this but eventually you will get the hand of it

Quadriceps Stretch: With one hand hold on to an object for support and with the other grab your foot and pull it toward your buttocks. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds and repeat for a number of times generally 5 is enough. This can be done standing,lying,even on a bench.

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The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen your leg, abdominal region and your back which will enable you to jump higher. For strengthening purposes weights play a major role as help to build muscle.

#1 STEP UP WITH WEIGHTS Take two weights and hold them in both your hands. Place a step right in front of you. How high the step is depends on your intensity. Here's a video on how to do it properly.

Step Ups with weights

#2 Toe Raises with Weights: Legs should be shoulder width apart and a bar with weights which is usually used for bench presses can be used if you are not comfortable with weights then do not use them. Use your calve muscles and try to stand on your toes you are going to feel a strong contraction. This motion needs to be controlled repeat slowly multiple times.

#3 Skipping is a must to strengthen lower body it greatly increases endurance as well. Its cheap and easy to start. And try to pass the rope twice or more if you can in a single jump. This will increase your vertical leap.

#4 Plyometric workouts is a training strategy used to improve coordination and response of your nervous system basically for the purpose of performance in sports.Contains proper variation between upper body and leg workouts.The contractions are controlled and relaxed in a specific order which boost explosive energy.


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