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Junior Dos Santos defeats Frank Mir

Updated on May 28, 2012

Junior Dos Santos VS Frank Mir

Junior Dos Santos went into UFC 146 as the champion and he left UFC 146 as the UFC heavyweight champion. The challenger, Frank Mir, may not have been able to capture the heavyweight title, again, but Mir did prove to the world that he can take a punch.

However, even though Mir could take a few of Dos Santos’ punches, Mir really never stood a solid chance at defeating Dos Santos. The champion was to fast for Mir and he kept the fight standing for the most part. Mir did try to takedown Dos Santos in the first round but that attempt failed. Dos Santos pretty much dominated the first round and it was obvious Dos Santos was never in danger of losing the fight or getting taken to the ground.

Once the second round came around it was apparent that Dos Santos was going to make sure that the fight would not go another round, and that is exactly what happen. Dos Santos ended up winning over Mir via TKO. After the fight was over Dos Santos said that Mir could take a punch and Mir said that Dos Santos just threw way too many hard punches and he couldn’t get away from them at all.

Who is going to face Junior Dos Santos next? It will most likely be Cain Velasquez. Dos Santos defeated Velasquez in the past and it only took Dos Santos under a minute to beat Velasquez. Velasquez was dropped with a hard right hand but Velasquez has bounced back from that fight and with his recent win at UFC 146, it looks as if UFC fans will get to see a rematch between Velasquez and Dos Santos.

No matter who Dos Santos faces, the UFC heavyweight champion will not be defeated in an easy fashion, and that's even if he gets beaten.


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