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Updated on May 6, 2011

Keeping Fit and Healthy by Mountain Walking

How to keep fit and healthy by mountain walking...

I was inspired to write this article of keeping fit and healthy by mountain walking. During a met up chat with my fellow mountain walkers, they shared their stories of becoming fitter and healthier each day of mountain walk either in the morning or in the evening. Wow...And many of them also shared about their sickness being cured or well under control, without taking anymore medication. Examples are hypertension,high cholesterol,arthritis or gout problem and many more types of minor sicknesses. Hmmm... I tell myself why not write and share to the world about it,and i believe there are many people do not know about this Slow,Relaxing and Peaceful Exercise which can bring them the wonderful magic of well-being. There are just a few basic steps you need to know in mountain walking to your well-being...

The Benefits of mountain walking:

It improve in physical fittness in all the muscles and joints of the body. It relieves tension and stress, boost up energy and tolerance level. In addition, blood circulation to the heart can be improved as well. It boost up mental awareness and prevent aging. It detoxify the body through sweating out, and last but not list. It also boost up libido level as well. Does it sound good to You? Well!! Then start your first step by Mountain Walking to your well-being.

Points to take:

* You need to gear up yourself some very basic mountain hardwears. e.g. Hiking shoes or boots,Tracking pant,Light raincoat or sweater,a small compass,a hat or a head cap will be fine.

* Buy a pair of good quality mountain walking or hiking shoes<iframe src="a fitting one), must not be too tight or too loose

* A walking stick, <a href=" a telegraphite type which can adjust to any individual height

* A head cap or a hat <iframe src" to prevent overhead injury, bottle of water, a light rain coat,a cell phone in case of emergency, a torch light for those who prefer evening walk

* Bring an apple and one or two pieces of energy bars (chocolate) to give extra energy for the walk, oh ya... not to forget a small rucksack ( back pack bag )<iframe src="* Start walking based on stages accordingly to your physical, tolerance and energy level

* Forest reserve or forest hill park is the best place to walk as it has abundance of fresh air, less other activities compare to low land park.

Look for a hill park which is not far from your house, if there is none then perhaps you have to find a virgin forest park and create a path for the walk. Find one or two friends for the initial mini adventure... Oh..Ya.. Pls do not bring heavy stuffs with you while mountain walking. I have actually took a few pictures on the walking paths and the beautiful scenery in one of the forest hill park which is my favourite site.(see pictures below) I also took the opportunity to take a cool bath in a small waterfall, then dress up and do half an hour meditation before i continue to complete my walk. That will give me a refreshing start the next day after a good rest/sleep. By the way it also helps to D-stress, as well. Dont you think so....?

Talking about scenery, why not bring along a small digital camera<iframe src="" > to capture some beautiful pictures for remembrance, sure you will appreciate it in time to come.

Beautiful scenery

One of the walking trail Widgets Widgets

One of the walking tail

Beautiful scenery

These few pictures were taken from one our regular walking trail.



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