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Updated on June 5, 2012


FIFA, and it's chairman APPROVED playing Kosovo* as independent country in friendly matches.
FIFA, and it's chairman APPROVED playing Kosovo* as independent country in friendly matches.

Footbal can bring false euphoria!

A day ago, on 24th of May - F.I.F.A approved Kosovo* to play friendly matches, even tho this southern region of Serbia is not recognized by the UN as independent country. Four years after Kosovo Albanians claimed independence on south region of Serbia - Kosovo, tensions were calmed but, once again, provocation came from Albanians living in Kosovo*.

"On small doors, they want to come on big, making Kosovo* reputable country, with its legality. On small doors, once again, in the time when Belgrade and Pristine need real negotiations - Albanians want to make an political step - and make an false euphoria in their negotiations team, which is very negative. " - says reputable politic analyzer.

This is more politic than a sport move. There has been cases like this, similar to this one, when Baskia (region in Spain) played with its team in friendly games, even with Serbia, but with approval of their mother football association.

Geo-location of Kosovo
Geo-location of Kosovo

Serbian Civilization Cradle

Why Kosovo is so important to Serbs? It represents the "cradle" of whole Serbian civilization. Many historical battles, of great meaning to today borders of Serbia - happened just there, on Kosovo, in XVII and XVIII century.

The second thing is that many churches, orthodox churches, some of them dating from XII century are among first ones that were build from Serbian side. Whole Ottoman resist came from Kosovo, where battles with great Ottoman Empire happened. Many national songs have origin from Kosovo.

In general, whole Serbian history is "down there" - on Kosovo. Now, if You take a look how Albanians are taking "care" of Serbian holly churches, and holly infrastructure in general, You will find dozens of burned orthodox churches, YouTube video where Albanians were climbed on roof of church and they are vandalizing the cross until they totally destroyed it - along with church from XVIII century. Many today nations don't have even history that starts so long ago.

But, Serbs - normal Serbian people, not the ones represented to the World by 90's - are peaceful and they haven't been "aggressors" - never in history, up to day today's. It hurts us, just it would hurt any other nation. Let's "change our shoes", let's see if You can fit. I don't think so! If it would be the American people, NATO would react immediately. But, Serbia is small now. Serbia is now diplomatic country, democratic one - and it search for this solution peacefully. For how long will 6.7 million people will suffer because of Kosovo's question? I'm 22. and I don't see an end.

U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A contradictory

Statute, the main document where policy of organization, or in this case association, is described - is contradictory because one say that "team can play if it is recognized by nations..." , while other say : " country representative team can ONLY play if it is recognized by United Nation as a country. "

So, in one case, you have a sentence which where Kosovo* could somehow manage to play as independent country, with its representation - while by others, Kosovo* couldn't manage to play at any means - because it is NOT recognized by UN United Nations.

Not so long ago, negotiation team of Kosovo* and negotiation team of Serbia, started negotiations in Brussels - in order to resolve the problem of Kosovo's international represent.

After long, and hard negotiations, Serbs managed to negotiate that Kosovo can be on some international forums, but not financial and UN, and with an " * " beside it. Beside little star after "Kosovo", it should be written "country under the rule of EULEX and KFOR, by resolution 1244 of UN " - which means that they are still neutral, and they haven't right to vote at any international question on forums.

This question, as well as negotiated "Kosovo without any independent country symbolic (flag, customs...)" , is now brought to question by agreeing of F.I.F.A to Kosovo's * request to play friendly matches.National Football Association of Serbia haven't agreed to Kosovo's* request, and it would be an international question now - if U.E.F.A and F.I.F.A really let Kosovo* to have its football representation as every other recognized country - without it's mother (Serbian) football association agreement.


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Would You be there if there wasn't NATO booming? - NO.

      Would You be in 100times in better position that Your nation-fellows? - NO.

      Have I answered You on very high level of tolerance? - YES.

      Is Kosovo part of Serbia : YES.

      United Nations, as ANY other MAJOR institution will never recognize a country which is made of "self-declaimed" independence. So, California can separate from US ? Bavaria from Germany, Ossetia from Russia, Catalonia from Spain ... ? I mean, what are You talking about? If United Nations, as an institution that CAN and HAS POWER to VOTE for: "Is something, a region, can be an independent country ? " voted NO - for Kosovo as country, than what do You really think?

      - I am Democrat, actually an Liberal with primes of Social-Democratic ideology that I have affinity of. So, I do NOT represent someone that WANTS a war.

      BUT, look at this non-sense... What is the use of army of some country, if not to DEFEND it ? So, in a meaning, if Serbia COULD have power of making decisions, not totally pressed by EU, and major western forces - I think that the job of EULEX and K.F.O.R that their are doing now, Serbian army, police and law-enforcement would done "the problem" before it culminated with SELF-claimed independence.

      If Serbia, and I hope it will - it is fair, enters into EU sooner than Kosovo (so called country) - than, don't dream about being member of it. - this is NOT MINE opinion, it's general opinion, You would do the same - I bet, British people would (and paralytically done) for sure the same, and etc...

      I can't believe that one "Kosovo", can negotiate with EU about visa-liberalisation, or talk with EU at all, when they have president who's accused for killing all whitnesses being able to whitness and accused to be part of WORLD SHOCKING "MEDICUS" case - taking HUMAN ORGANS, actually HUMAN ORGAN TRAFFICKING FROM KOSOVO TO TURKEY, AND COUNTRIES OF EASTERN EUROPE WHERE A GOOD PART WOULD FINISH IN EU.

      -Now, MY opinion :

      I think that North Kosovo should be separated from it's South Part, and problem with Kosovo would be done! On other hand, European Union and US - NEEDS A COUNTRY LIKE KOSOVO - where they can transfer the opium/heroin from Afghanistan to Western World, and uranium for producing (we all know what) - mass destructive weapons. So, basically, Kosovo will and it is, sadly made by other major forces, an "second" Afghanistan and we all know it. It would be just unfair to give Kosovo an visa-liberalisation regime, when they ARE NOT RECOGNIZED AS AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY BY UN , AND THEY ARE - FOR NOW, "KOSOVO* country under rule of UN and KFOR under the resolution 1244." so, negotiations between Belgrade and Pristine are now an non-sense when something that has been a deal in Brussels.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am sorry to say this but your reply’s not making any sense at all. Maybe it’s because you are angry and that my earlier calm response to you has covered all your points and you’ve run out of any sensible questions or answers. Let me tell you this, I didn’t question your intelligence but you did mine, OK! Everyone can see that. KOSOVO is not part of Serbia any longer, so get used to it. I understand what you are going through – it’s called grieving.

      SO, basically you want another WAR – I hope you are a minority (I am sure you are) and do not represent all the Serbs. This is why I said earlier that Serbs have been labelled to some extent because of people like you. Are you in the business with US then as I think they wouldn’t mind another war – they need a buyer to buy their weapons that they mass produce.

      Holly land of Kosovo....? Turks can say this too! You should live in PRESENT and try to forget the past as this will hinder all your prospects.

      You’ve been very aggressive and arrogant in our conversations and have not backed anything up with any facts – all propaganda, which as a country you are used to it.

      I’ve not called Serbs any names (what’s there to stop me) as I said I have Serbian friends and colleagues and I respect them. I respect anyone who respects me - but you’ve called us extremists and terrorists.

      Therefore, whether you reply to my response or not – I am going to choose to ignore it as I don’t want to waste my time on this thread anymore. Take care.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      @Grozda,Reno :

      Do not underestimate my knowledge of history, and my knowledge in general. As You can see, I am in my 22, I am highly educated Serb. We, as a nation - Serbians - haven't done any aggression like USA, Germany and NATO did. And if there wasn't USA, do You really think that Kosovo would became an so called country? Until there Serbia exists, there will be no such thing as independent country of Kosovo. As Serbia goes further in EU integrations, we will (hopefully) stop Kosovo EU integration, in it's every-way.

      -Why I'm saying this? Because, the way of declaring independence, when Albanians from Kosovo literally cleaned Kosovo on very "wise and clever" way with Your beloved leader Ibrahim R. , on Kosovo left some 10.000 Serbs. Now, with Serbs as ethnic minority it was easy to claim independence. So, do You think, if US,NATO do not mess up into relations between Kosovo and Serbia, do You think that Serbia couldn't regain it's part of country? If there is war to happen, don't get me wrong, let it be. If Albanians were up for weapons to gain their independence, Serbs can do the same. Take a look at the picture, what are "Kosovans" doing NOW to Serbs? Is there ANY Serb employed in some firm that Albanian hold? - NO. Can Serbs move back to Kosovo, into new-built houses that Albanian extremists burned few weeks ago? - NO. Things have turned 360 degrees my friend. I agree that JNA did some terrible things in the name of people who weren't in ANY time for war against Croatians, and MUSLIM-Bosnian's.

      And, I haven't said that Bosnia, and Croatia are cradle of Serbian Civilization, BUT - You want to say that "holly land of Kosovo" - isn't cradle of Serbian history?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You have been brain washed my serbian friend. You speak somethink that you haven't experienzed. Why all the western civilization suport kosova and help it's exapt serbia. Serbia is harmfull country they started the first world war and they will start also edhe third if they could. Now that nikolic won the elections i would wonder if he try it. And what do you say about genecide bosnia that serbs killed over 8000 non solder. And what do you say that 2 million people left they country kosova when serb militans came to kosova. What do say about the international court that sayd the kosova's independ was right. You are only stupid and doll for your govermant. Live and peace and dont try anything to destroy it. What do say about haag court that see yours leaders as a killer and psycopats. This war you cannot win.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I will try as briefly as I can to give you some answers to each of your points as I really don’t want to have an online argument. Here it goes:

      1) I am a very proud Kosovan/British. As well as English I speak Albanian, Turkish and Serbo-Croatian, now you may also say that there isn’t such language as Serbo-Croatian, but that’s what I learnt in the best primary school in Kosovo: Josip Broz Tito in Prishtina. All three languages above represent 3 of 6 nationalities that live in Kosovo currently. So there aren’t just Albanians in Kosovo. That’s why I will always call myself a Kosovan.

      2)Yes, Kosovo was bombed during the war, that’s a fact. Prishtina was bombed and I have been in places where they were bombed. In Prishtina they bombed the Police station, the military centres as well as communication centres such as the TV centre where all the propaganda was being composed. And Yes, there was an instance where they bombed some innocent Kosovans fleeing in their tractor while they were passing vacated Serbian tanks and other military vehicles that there placed to trick Nato and US to think that they were military bases, there pictures of this to prove.

      3) I am glad you are not a nationalist, but I’d like to ask you to put yourself in our shoes. If your parents were sacked, education closed and every day to live in fear for your life as you were going to the shops or just playing a basketball game with your friends how would you feel? (My brother was arrested and beaten up for just working in a fruit and veg market to try and make a living after being sacked from the factory he used to work at). Would you not think that you’d have to stand up against this regime at some point? The UCK was created (in mid 90’s) to try and resist this and hopefully the world will hear of Kosovo and won’t let it happen just like another Bosnia. If it wasn’t for our ex President Ibrahim Rugova there would have been a lot more Kosovan casualties, but he was a very clever man who gave us resilience and patience, and showed the world who was in the wrong.

      4) Why is it called WAR? Obviously there will be casualties from both sides. But Serbs lost a lot less than Kosovans. Everyone hates WARS

      5,6) I don’t think like anyone. I am an adult in my late 30’s with a family of my own. I am very principled one of my principles is to be open minded. It makes me sad that you question my intelligence as I thought this was a good topic and wanted to join the debate and not be insulted. And I loved History in school. I have Serbian friends who say that they had no idea what the Serbian army and Police had done in Kosovo, they feel sickened and embarrassed. One of them (from Belgrade) quoted that the regime was f…ed up and that they had heard rumours that the forces were drugged to commit such horrible things in Kosovo. Of course I know why all Serbs say it’s the Cradle of Serbia, however I just want to ask another question - was Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia…. Etc the cradle of Serbia too?

      7) My predecessors come from Serbia - hence my username, which I think it’s Serbian right? Also this area of Balkans had always had a mixture of people living there, so you really can’t say that Albanians came to Serbia. I think you should accept that we are in the 21st century and we can’t live in the past?

      8) I don’t care who brings Peace to Kosovo even if Milosevic or Bin Laden resurrect and bring peace - I’ll be happy. Every human being deserves to leave in PEACE.

      9) This point could be said vice versa that’s why Serbia won’t let go of Kosovo and that’s why they still want to keep Mitrovica as there are mines.

      10) I mentioned earlier that I have Serbian mates, who are very friendly, and I am sure you are one of them, however the politicians, nationalists and its government are a different story. I don’t and can’t agree with you saying that Serbia have never attacked anyone. REALLY? With regards to Macedonia it just shows that you only were given one side of the story. In March there were some Albanians killed, ambushed and beaten. What do you say to that? Although I don’t want to take sides I think that both Albanians and Macedonians should learn to live together equally and I am sure things will improve.

      No one has taken your part of the country, it wasn’t yours in the first place. I’d suggest to read a bit more of history particularly about Illyria if you‘re so fixated on history.

      We are a new nation/country/entity in Europe and it will take time to build a strong and reputable country and of course things will be exploited when you are so young at running a country. Again it helps to be open minded.

      I am glad you are not a nationalist, neither am I, far from it. I believe in chance, equality and respect.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      1) There is no such nation as "Kosovan".

      2) Pristina, Kosovska Mitrovica, and other cities WERE boomed!

      3) I am not an nationalist, at all, but it wasn't about Milosevic it was about defending Kosovo from UÇK (Terrorist Organization of Kosovo)

      4) Why don't You mention kills from side of Albanians?

      5) Don't think the way how Your parents do. You were too little to know anything about Kosovo.

      6) I don't know how You made to college when You don't know what's the cradle of Serbian Civilization.

      7) Albanians CAME to Kosovo, Serbs were THERE. We are not the one that CAME to some land - and claim it like it's ours.

      8) There will be no peace, until NATO and USA think they are the "main peacemakers".

      9) I bet You just adore USA, but You don't see the real picture. Where ever they "came in" - they are there for INTEREST! You think really that they love Albanian people, and that that is a reason for "defending" them on Kosovo ? - No, the reason is geopolitical latitude of Kosovo, as they built their military base "Bonstville". And not just that, Kosovo is full of uranium - and there is just few places on WHOLE EARTH that contain uranium, Kosovo is one of it.

      10) Serbs are friendly, and they have never attacked ANYONE. Have You read news from over here ? No. Albanians killed 5 Macedonian guys that were celebrating prom night. 1 people killed when some man, Albanian nationality, came and shoot just like that. 57 year old Serb. Kills, kills, kills - drug, drug ,drugs ...

      I can't really "love" someone who took my part of country, but I can live with him - and I can look at it as objective thing.

      And one more thing, when everything is good now on Kosovo, and when You have now everything that You wanted - why don't you come back? Heh, when Kosovo is now a main country in Europe for smuggling everything. What no other people wants to do - Albanians are there. Starting from drugs, trough human-trafficking, to the organ-trafficking which has been proved finally!

      So, please, let's talk with facts and real arguments. Once more, I AM NOT NATIONALIST, OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT - I AM LIBERAL-DEMOCRAT.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am sorry mate to bring this to you, but you need to know your facts. First of all NATO and USA did not bomb Kosovo. How can you say that? That's just shows how Serbian propaganda have brainwashed its people. I thought that Serbs have moved on. As a Kosovan living in UK I have Serbian colleagues and friends who I get on very well and enjoy each other’s company. There's so much I can write about Kosovo and Serbia - how suppressed we were and the way I grew up and remembering my teenage years. I lived in Prishtina and had to go to school hiding my books and notepads under my jacket - I could not carry a bag as the Serbian police (most of them untrained, brought in from Serbia just to make up the numbers) would have beaten me and my friends and maybe shoot us. My neighbour and friend who also lives in UK was beaten up so badly in front of our teachers as we witnessed from our made up school (a private house). Why did this all happen - because we were against Milosevic and his troops?

      They shut our schools, and sacked millions if they didn’t sign that they support Milosevic’s regime. And you may have been told this otherwise (maybe that Kosovans left voluntarily)

      If we live in history then Kosovo should belong to Turks too.

      Remember there are Serbs that live in Kosovo (Prishtina) currently who had no reason to leave as they didn’t do anything bad during ethnic cleansing. I know so many young children and elderly were killed during that period. Luckily nothing had happened to my close family, however as they were leaving our flat in the apartment exit manned by the serbs stopped my brother and asked him for money (devize – foreign money) as they knew that he would have some as he has two brothers in UK, they took £200 from him, luckily they could not find the other £450

      I have no reason to lie as I lived through all this in Kosovo. I know for a fact that Serbs were very good with their propagandas as I used to watch their news (100% lies). This is why most Serbs in Serbia had no idea that heir state (Milosevic) was doing anything wrong except protecting their cradle as they say, by killing the innocent.

      I just feel sorry for all the Serbs, as I do think they’ve have been labelled to some extent. There are good and bad people in every nation. I just hope that we are all able to move on and see this as part of the history and destroy any hatred between us.

      We all leave together in the planet earth. PEACE!!!

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      All those burned houses... You can thank to USA and NATO. And if You speak about some topic, that hard, at least KNOW the facts... Greece, for example, is an neighbor of Kosovo or Albania, and it is NOT recognizing it. Same with Macedonia, same with Spain same with Russia...and lot of other countries. KOSOVO IS NOT PART OF MMF, IMF, nor World Bank! Kosovo is "neutral country" ,still - and it can NOT be independent. The cradle of Serbian civilization is on Kosovo, and it would be like ... Washington State take independent from the rest of US. How would You feel? And You have totally wrong picture of Serbs! Burned houses, that Government built for refugees that want to come back on Kosovo (Serbs), are burned by Albanians - and that isn't something that's coming from politic of 90's, it's recent history.

      I will approve every status, because I am ready to listen and exchange comments, thinking, etc...

    • internpete profile image

      Peter V 

      7 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

      You sound like a Serb who hates the Kosovo people. Kosovo claimed its independence on Feb 17 2008 and was almost immediately recognized as an independent country the United States of America as well as many other countries. It is also a member of the IMF and World Bank. Also, ALL of Kosovo's neighbors have recognized their independence EXCEPT Serbia. My sister recently came back from a missions trip to Kosovo and saw first hand the damage and destruction brought about by the Serbs. Nearly every structure had been destroyed and most families had lost loved ones.

      I hope Kosovo gets to rightfully join other independent nations in playing Football(soccer) in both friendly and competitive games. I have a Kosovo jersey and will be cheering them on!

      There has been enough hate between Serbs and Albanians, there needs to be more love.


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